Season 638: Road signs

Hello again, Dave! I have forsaken the car for recording purposes because the French Air Force is on manoeuvres this afternoon and it is a bit noisy from time to time ... I'm sure that they fly far lower over this area than they are supposed to! I THINK this song qualifies as stopping - or not stopping - figures largely.

Just read this ... the French highway is BUZZING! [/QUOTE

Just read this ... the French highway is BUZZING!
There just might be country song coming from this.
This seemed like a good song for a rainy afternoon: "Bus Stop" by the Hollies.

Thanks for hosting Dave.
One of my favourite bands of the last 20 years has been Elbow. In the lockdown years they wrote and recorded a very mellow album, "Flying Dream 1", which, with no live dates possible, pretty well vanished. Here's one of the songs from there - a road trip with family.

And a UK hit from 1966 ...

Apparently, The Master Singers also chanted the Weather and Shipping forecasts.


Sorry about that. That should come anytime.
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I'm getting a lot of fantastic works for all of you here. Don’t stop on those. I need more from all of you. Thank you.
The A's cap and Raiders T-shirt are worn to represent Green Day's origins and my previous stomping grounds, the East Bay.

On several occasions, I've recorded an entry for the Seasons only to realize that I'd done the same tune before. This falls into that category.

Here's an original song about road songs. You may spot several songs and artists I have referenced. And some of the best lines are from the songs I've referenced.

Hank’s on the Lost Highway
Canned Heat’s on the road again
Tom’s spotting Burma Shave signs
Deep in the hearts of men
Townes follows St John the Gambler
Overtaking on blind double lines
If he don’t end that journey quick
It won’t be for want of tryin’
It can be tough on the road
When there’s a tear in your highway code
Leonard noticed a highway
Curling like smoke above his shoulder
With every stranger that he met
He feels a little colder
There was whiskey and blood all together
Mixed with glass where they lay
Roy saw the crash on the highway
But he didn’t hear nobody pray
Lord he didn’t hear nobody pray
It can be tough on the road
When there’s a tear in your highway code
I’ll give you a ghostly dollar
To hear about Big Joe and Phantom 309
The truck that swerved to miss those kids
Now Red’s in the jukebox cryin’
It can be tough on the road
When there’s tears on the highway code.
I know one song that meets the criteria by mentioning "highway" in it, so that's what I will bring this season. "Christmas in Washington" by Steve Earle. I mean, it's not a hoho jingle jingle kinda song - more of an xmas song in name only - so I think it is ok to post at this time of year, yeah?

Three Wooden Crosses
Written by Kim Williams and Doug Johnson and released in 2002 by Randy Travis.

“That [Dm] driver never ever saw the [G] stop sign
And [Dm] eighteen- wheelers can’t stop on a [Gsus] dime [G].”

As my old bass- slapping friend Donald used to say, “Y’all, if this ‘un doan make ya cry, go git a heart transplant an’ two hearin’ aids.”

Yowling Tom- only (instrumental) version, Key of C:
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Here's my contribution to this week. I see that Pabrizzer has already come up with the same basic idea, but he tells the tale more concisely 👍🏽😉.

Hope you like my rocky:

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