Season 639 - You Tell ME What the Theme Is


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Aug 28, 2014
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Hello good people!
For Season 639, YOU get to decide your own personal theme. You might ask, "How do I do that?"
Here you go:
1. Watch UkeFoote's season opening video performance of "White Bird"
2. Whatever stands out for you in the video as a possible theme is fair game. For instance, you might choose a song with "White" or another color in the title, a song from the year 1969, or one about birds, or perhaps even fecal matter. ANYTHING goes, as long as you can describe some kind of thematic connection with the "White Bird" video. Please post your theme in the description of your video.
3. Max of three songs, please.
4. Once you've picked your theme please stick to it for any songs you subsequently post for the Season.
5. It's fine if more than one person chooses the same theme
6. Collabs, multi-tracking, originals, Rob rules... all good. For those of you who aren't Rob, in the spirit of the Rob rules, one of your three videos may be a reposting of a video you've made in the past, as long as it conforms to the theme you've chosen.
7. Normal Seasons rules otherwise apply
8. Please listen to your fellow Seasonistas submissions, as your time allows. Please remember this is a community, not just a board to post your videos.
9. The Season is dedicated to our good buddy Alan Thornton 🫶

Here's UkeFoote (Brian Fergus - concert ukulele and singing, and Borfus Wallaby - electric bass and singing) playing "White Bird", by It's a Beautiful Day (1969):

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Ooh, that is totally intriguing stuff, Brian! I particularly like the idea of dedicating the Season to the great Alan T and also the opportunity to repost an older video assuming it fits in. You are taking us off in new directions! Er ... songs about "fecal matter"?!? (Actually, that could be a challenge ... how many songs ARE there about "poo"?)
And, please Sir, I've just looked "White Bird" up in Wikipedia and apparently it wasn't released until 1969 ... so, are you thinking songs from '69 rather than '68? SORRY! I will now turn my attention to Netflix and disappear for the rest of the evening and stop annoying everybody.
good catch - written in 1968, not released til 1969. Anyway, I edited the post
…or perhaps even fecal matter.
…one of your three videos may be a reposting of a video you've made in the past…

Ooh, that’s lucky as I’ve loads of sh*t past videos to choose from! 😆
Great, original theme here, Brian! :)
Your song reminded me of the poem Caged Bird by Maya Angelou

The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.
Cheers Brian. I was going to go " Songs from Men with Moustaches". But I have gone for the more challenging " Songs of 1969". There are only several hundred good ones.
This is from Dusty Springfield's " Dusty in Memphis". Written by Michel Legrand and English lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman.
Dang, so much scope for wild ideas, but I have woken up with a cold and hardly any voice. Hope to be back later in the week....
Giving thanks for the white American middle class male.

He has so much white privilege he smokes all the cigars in the world and drinks all the best whisky. He has all the money to buy these things. He is so dumb he does not know when he is being vilified. He has no interest what is being said about him, which is unlike every other woke minority. He prefers to go fishing or cook a steak on the barbie. Simple things satisfy him.

Critics who lambast him spew forth curses with as much ease as a drunk gorilla hanging from telegraph wires, and in their soporific stupor they know they are safe in the knowledge that he will never retaliate. He doesn't need to cos his white privilege has got him all the money in the world. He is a target but he does not care. He is oblivious, and he intuitively knows that silence is the language of God.
I chose for my theme the line from the lyrics "to the darkened sky," doing songs with a form of the word "dark" in the title. I'll try to do one more this week so I have at least two songs for the theme. I also did some whistling in the song. Rudy Vallee recorded this song, in which he showed that he was an excellent whistler. I can't come close to his whistling skills.

"But the white bird just sits in her cage growing old"
I reckon I can find three songs about growing old Brian. Thanks for the topic and for introducing us to Borfus.


Loudon wrote this when he turned 64 and considered himself pretty old. I wish I were still 64.
I can identify with some of this cheerful little ditty of Loudon's. My brother Bob is the family historian and he tells me that, as far as his records go, I am the male Yates who has lived longest.
My dad was 68 when he passed and his dad was in his forties. I even outlived my ex-wife who was only 40 when she passed.
Getting older isn't all bad and it sure beats the alternative, so I'll try to be a bit more upbeat in the next two songs.

ok - from your 'white bird' prompt i will go - two word title - adjective noun
i got pooped on by a bird yesterday - they say it's good luck - may include some poop later
When I was a kid my "lucky" brother and I were walking home from Sunday school and he got pooped on by a bird two weeks in a row! 😄 😄 My Dad commented that maybe he was walking too slow! 😄
Rob not sure what your interpretation of the theme is here. please advise
From your OP.

For instance, you might choose a song with "White" or another color in the title.

I also thought that white people get a bum rap for the colour of their skin... from CRT to white privilege to colonialism. In the current political climate all the evils in the world have been heaped apon white people, which is patently not true, yet they have to timidly submit to any accusation as if it were true.

Bukowski is saying to be politically correct certain minorities are off limits when it comes to criticism, yet the American white male is fair game all the time... he can be attacked with impunity with no repercussions.
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