Season 639 - You Tell ME What the Theme Is

An original I did today, about 4 hours work. Here's the story:

I live about a quarter mile from the end of a 2-mile long dead end road. There used to be a girl who lived somewhere between me and the highway who would take walks at night, listening to music on her device with headphones while she walked, singing along with the songs at the top of her lungs, but she couldn't carry a tune for anything. I would hear this high-pitched caterwauling, the dogs would prick up their ears, and I knew she was out there in the darkness again. One time my daughter heard her and told me what she was singing. I don't remember the song, but it was by My Chemical Romance. I kept wanting to write a song about her. I revisited this several times but today was the first time I came up with something that worked, staying with my chosen theme of "the dark." I played a newish instrument I got not long ago, a Roland Aerophone Mini. I put an extra video below explaining about it. I used to play sax and although this isn't like a 100% real instrument, it satisfies my longing to play a wind instrument again. I also used ChordPulse to generate the bass & drums.


Walking down the road
Headphones on her ears
Ipod in her pocket
Not a worry not a fear

Music in her mind
Blocks out all the world
Sad songs make her happy
She's an emo girl

She's singing in the dark
Underneath a shrunken moon
She don't care if they hear
She can't carry any tune

She gets her exercise when the sun goes down
Walking down the road, she's nowhere bound
Singing like there's no one else around
She's singing

When I was a kid my "lucky" brother and I were walking home from Sunday school and he got pooped on by a bird two weeks in a row! 😄 😄 My Dad commented that maybe he was walking too slow! 😄
we were out and about one time - we were walking on a ferry jetty that had lights on poles like street lights - the pelicans used them as perches - pelicans are a very large bird here in australia - a lady in front of us walked under a pole just as a pelican landed and did its very large business - i would not say she was lucky
Hello, Seasonistas! I have decided to take the splurge in joining your ranks. I've been playing ukulele since the end of 2023. I have been enjoying it so much, and really love the welcoming community! I hope you enjoy my Season 639 contribution of an Avett Brothers tune, that references a bird in a cage. I look forward to viewing everyone's videos.

Thanks for hosting this week. I haven't participated in a while.
My dog destroyed his frisbee but still wants to play.
Theme: Desire (to be free, or not to be)
Thanks Brian for hosting and for the theme. The theme for me is white in the title and a reference to an animal. One that I'm thinking of has reference to an animal but it's not in the title so I've kept my theme broad enough to allow for that one if I do it. So the first one is White Hare by Seth Lakeman.

Cheers Brian. I was going to go " Songs from Men with Moustaches". But I have gone for the more challenging " Songs of 1969". There are only several hundred good ones.
This is from Dusty Springfield's " Dusty in Memphis". Written by Michel Legrand and English lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman.

I hope you like this Russian version. It was what attracted me to the uke because the strumming is so fast and fantastic.
For my theme, I didn't have to search any further than the first passage, "White bird in a golden cage, on a winter's day in the rain." That’s a stark visual, and one that can be interpreted many ways. For this go-round, I choose to play "A Hazy Shade Of Winter," by Simon and Garfunkel.

From 1969's "Donovan's Greatest Hits".
Baritone uke through an acoustic yamaha amp, with garageband electric guitar and 3rd position song in G but using a F harp.
This is a good song to be a-wailin'. I'd like to think most of us here are hurdy gurdy men and women:)
California put the devil in the white house.

I don't know if I wrote this about Trump or Biden, but given the recent history i think it could equally apply to both.

By definition the horns of a dilemma means that you have to make a choice between two things that are equally bad, and I feel that is the situation with the upcoming election.

America is not choosing its finest and best to govern.This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live
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Here is one whose opening four lines came to me at 5:30 this morning. I got up at 6:00 to flesh out the lyrics and then worked on the chords after 10am - when our neighbours' curfew on music lifts 🙄

Hope you like:

Hello again, Brian! This song is a slight cheat in that the version that was popular in the UK in 1969 - by Herman's Hermits - was actually released at the very end of 1968. Originally an Italian song, entitled "Luglio" it spawned many versions including those in Czech, German, French and Danish. (The only other one I know is the French version which is about a girl in a baker's shop.) Since there were several new releases of the song in 1969 - by Winifred Atwell and the Big Ben Hawaiian Band to name but two - I am hoping it will qualify!

Hello. Hello. Hello.
Good news! I think I've found a new job in Mandalay, a city with a much better quality of life than here in the Yangon.
I bring some Taylor on my rarely-played concert ukulele.

Such a great theme idea - well done, Brian, and thanks for hosting! 🙂

White is a colour, so colours are my theme, and the colour white appears several times in my first song choice. It’s from Tori Amos’s debut album Little Earthquakes - I remember first seeing her performing on a TV chat show here in the UK (Wogan) in the early 90s, and being blown away by her songwriting, singing and piano playing.

This song is, as far as I can tell, about the relationship between a daughter and her father as she remembers it through her lifetime. It reminds me, if I needed reminding, how precious my time is with my own daughter.

I played this at last Saturday’s Seasonista Zoom open mic, and realised then that it fitted the theme. This is how I played it then - just tenor uke and voice, though with a bit of reverb added here. I’ll definitely do a bit more with it at some time in the future.

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For the second of my three videos I‘ve chosen to revisit one from a couple years back I‘m partial to by Greg Brown again. Our protagonist is a fledgling bird who wishes spread his wings and fly for the first time. Without further ado, here is “Young Robin”

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