Season 639 - You Tell ME What the Theme Is

With my theme of white in the title and a reference to an animal my second song is an original called White Dove.

And here’s my blast from the past - I wrote this one about a year ago for Chris’s (@hands_on_lanzon) Dads and Grads season 592. My theme this week is colours, and the colour mentioned here is gold.

Here’s what I wrote about it when I first posted it:
As some of you will know, my Dad is in the advancing stages of dementia and I recently wrote a song about that - see here. But I was inspired by this week’s theme to write something altogether happier about him, and a particularly special memory from my childhood. How I wish he would understand it and remember the occasion if I played it for him. 😢

This is a rare (for me) forage into 3/4 time, and there’s picked tenor uke, strummed baritone uke, synth bass, pads, piano and music box in the mix, along with some vocal harmonies too.

‘The House Made Of Straw’
As a reminder, for my theme, I chose "winter" from the passage, "White bird in a golden cage, on a winter's day in the rain." And as per this Season's unique rule, I'm reposting "California Dreaming."

I've done most of the big Jimmy Webb / Glen Campbell songs. But this is one I'd forgotten. Off Glen Campbell's 1969's " Galveston" album.
The painting drying on the easel is one I did yesterday. Llamas at Machu Picchu. Pretty sure Susie had some Llamas in her playground.
Thanks Brian for hosting and for the theme. The theme for me is white in the title and a reference to an animal. One that I'm thinking of has reference to an animal but it's not in the title so I've kept my theme broad enough to allow for that one if I do it. So the first one is White Hare by Seth Lakeman.

I love this song which is also about a white hare. It is all about survival in the face of adversity.
Thanks for hosting, Brian. I went for the 1969 option : -)

I saw Dea Matrona do this way with just guitar & bass. I decided to do without the bass.
My 3rd and final video for the week. My theme is colours and there are plenty to choose from in the lyrics for this one.

Unusually, this song enjoyed most chart success as an orchestral instrumental, though lots of artists have covered it with the lyrics, including Andy Williams. My version has baritone uke throughout, some picked tenor uke too, and some added synth bass, pads and drum track. Also some harmony vocals in the chorus.

Thanks for hosting, Brian!
I love the video of you and Borfus playing White Bird!

My theme is FACIAL HAIR.

This is an original story with art I just made.

Featuring Jon playing 2 tracks with his 8-string baritone ukulele.
(I asked him today if he wanted to play and he came back a few minutes later with this. I think he might have improvised it. He had only read the story. I had no art to show him then. I love what he played.)

Part 1 of this 3-part story has no mention of facial hair, but the music is played by Jon who currently has a beard! And the main character has a beard. In fact, that IS his name.

So, yeah, I spent the whole day doing this. Not sure how I can make part 2 and 3 before the Season ends. But I will try! Because, YES, Jon recorded music for Part 2 and 3 too! Will be back soon!
Thanks for hosting, Brian. I went for the 1969 option : -)

I saw Dea Matrona do this way with just guitar & bass. I decided to do without the bass.

I transcribed this into Musescore, if anyone else wants to give it a go. You'll need a ukulele with linear tuning. My ukulele's tuned to Bb, so my version's in F-minor (the original's in E-minor), but as most tenor ukuleles in linear tuning are tuned GCEA, I've transposed up it to G-minor here. The tab uses a low-G too.
The musescore file is here: Oh Well - Musescore
Bringing back this entry from Season 54 for my throwback entry. I hope it stands alone as entertainment, but as I tried to remake Oasis's video as faithfully as I could, I'd recommend reviewing the original video of their 2002 hit "Songbird"...

It just so happens to be my most-watched Seasons entry in my catalog. I didn't know that.

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