Season 639 - You Tell ME What the Theme Is

Because my current ukulele practice book contains this song, I chose the obvious theme "Birds": "L'oiseau et l'enfant" (The Bird and the Child) by Jean-Paul Cara and Joe Gracy. It was the French entry for Eurovision Song Contest in 1977 and it became the winning song. Ukulele arrangement by Markus Rantanen.
I was trying to think of a deep, thought provoked theme of a caged bird or freedom oe being stuck or trapped, but a the songs I thought of that matched were too much effort than can give, at the moment. So I copped out with a song I already knew that fits an easy theme of Songs with the word "white", Alex.

This song was written by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole about a popular place to relax in his home state.

What is, What Sandy Beach?

You got it!

Time for an Irish folk song for my second "prison" entry this week. It's a long song that tells a story. Recorded versions (the most well-known to me being by The Dubliners, and Thin Lizzy) drop verses, which I think weakens the story. Anywhere, here it is:

I found this cool song about a cage which is the theme that I selected for this season.

Excited to be back for my second Seasons. I'm enjoying hearing everyone's contributions. For this, I took the 'white' in the title and ran with it as a theme.

This is Ma is White, a song for learning common words in Māori (one of the official languages of New Zealand). It's closely related to the Hawai'ian language, so if you know some Hawai'ian words these might feel familiar!

Download the lyrics here and sing along:
I had pre-stretched my theme (white in title plus an animal reference) to allow for this in case I did it. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes (written by Robin Pecknold). So the animal reference is in the band name plus a secondary wordplay reference to a bird in the composer’s name. Numerous vocal lines, 5 baritone ukulele lines (one with pitch shift for bass, 1 just as a drum and 1 going through a virtual amp), 1 tenor uke line and 1 nylon string mandolin line (going through a virtual amp) plus synth vocal. Basically just some fun with multi-tracking while keeping away from the real and virtual instruments I would commonly use.

Part 2 here! with Jon playing concert ukulele this time.

Part 3 and end of this story about Mr. Beard's attempts to tame his sideways beard. Featuring Jon on concert ukulele.
Maybe there is a happy ending...

It is not intentional that Mr Beard looks like a wasted rock guitarist here...

Also, there are 2 seasonistas who appear in this video...
This is one of those songs that came up while searching but I’d never heard before. A few hours of messing around and this is my rather ragged rendition. It wasn’t really in my vocal range so I had to employ and awkward octave shift which doesn’t really do the song justice. Hopefully I can revisit this one in the future when I can play (and sing) it better. Still such a cool tune that fits the flying and escape theme nicely.

Thank you for your original, fun and open ended theme. Loved your White Bird video with Borfus!
My third song is a repost of one I recorded a couple of months ago, under the special “Rob rule” for the season.

“A lead role in a cage” fits the prison theme.

Brian shamed me into participating in this Season, but I'm glad he did. I'll be reposting 3 older videos. The first one relates to White Bird because, dang it, that bird must be pretty sad. And if birds could cry, I betcha she would. So here's a song about tears.

And my third song is about a poor lady who should be crying. And, like the other two songs, it has a New Orleans pedigree, since it was written by the late and very great Allen Toussaint.

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