Season of the 'Ukulele (SOTU) 610 - Season of the Who'kulele

I’m not from the UK.

I don’t have thick hair like Roger Daltrey.

I’m not tall like Pete Townsend or John Entwistle, nor can I play ukulele as well as they play guitar and bass, respectively.

It should go without saying that I can’t get as wild as Keith Moon, playing drums or any other way.

So really, who are you, self?

Abrupt ending because my phone ran out of memory. (Seriously, I need to get a new laptop.)
Rarely do I post in the After-Ralf... I almost gave up on the whole thing several times because of it being an over-ambitious project, but here it is. 80 minutes before midnight.

15 minutes late. But here is my entry for this Season.

PS I had a great time at Creative Connections, Sitges (the Irish & Catalan Music Festival)
Well, that's the close of entries for the Season! And what a Season it was!! I really appreciated everyone trying new things and those who went well out of their way to not be themselves. I believe I've got everything on the playlist and I also believe I've watched and commented on all the vids. Please let me know if I missed you!!

Much love to all who provided entries for our viewing, all who commented lovely comments, and all who watched one or many vids.

I'll take some time to re-review the entries and select who might be getting a luchador mask! I'll be back with a proper wrap later this week, as I'm going to watch the Lucha Libre wrestling tomorrow with plans to visit the mask shop!! I'M STOKED!!!!
Alrighty, folks! Time for the 610 wrap. Hope you like reading, coz I sure tend to ramble sometimes.
If you don't like reading, click on the hyperlinks to listen to my picks for the week.

Is it wrong of me to select repeat winners from another Season I hosted? Well, if choosing these next two is wrong... you finish the line. I had (less than) half a mind to just keep them as highly honorable mentions, but what they brought was too good. See for yourself.

@pabrizzer "no one sees us at all" - absolutely floored by this paoriginal. careful watching this one if you possess any sort of soul or empathy towards your fellow humans. you're going to feel something.

@joo - What can i say that hasn't been said?! If you've been part of the Seasons for a decent amount of time and you didn't catch her three impersonation entries... well... it's a must. Aside from those, she drops another three gems on us, for a total of 6 entries out of the total 49 this week. For you mathematicians out there, that's 12.24%. And Christmas eve is only 53 days away! Best gets ta shoppin'! I'm completely rambling.

Enough about those two. Here's some folks whose addresses I'll be hoping to freshly acquire for the posting of prizes...

@wee_ginga_yin - Who can top that Joo's six entries? How about 7 of 49 entries from Rob? I'm definitely not saying QTY trumps Quality, but when paired together, it's hard to discount. Rob has always brought it and has been a true inspiration to me throughout my short time in the Seasons.

@kolibri "Delilah" - Full commitment + production value on a great tune with vocals that seem to be outside her norm. I appreciate the strong effort to be someone else. I'm also adding in the fact that I'm considering this a trade of headwear, as I was lucky enough to get a beanie/toque from Ylle a handful of Seasons ago.

@YooperGirl "Amazing Grace" - Big applause to Tanya for moving onto the camera and up the fretboard!!! Either one of these steps alone is no easy task and she does both while singing a toughie. Her vocals are as sweet as they've ever been, but now we can see her lips moving those soundwaves around.

@Oldscruggsfan "Pancho and Lefty" - Speaking of lips moving soundwaves around, how about OSF singing on a SOTU entry for the first time?! It's a HUGE step!! Another big applause and congrats for the strong effort to be not yourself! Maybe the prize is a way to get you on camera and not show your face?!

@Joko "Awl a Long the Watch Tower" - Pow or how's. Eye amp leased heat ooh that I'm toughen'ish dysentery. (<-- first person to translate this gets a virtual high five!). Joko was not messing around with this one... he put in work and it shows. I appreciate the mask(s), layers (and layers upon layers) of music, sound, visual, and creativity.

@Barbablanca "Sleep" - Well... let's just say I'm typing this at 3:21am in Mexico City and Berni's original resonates with me. It was a great closer to the Season and he, too, put in tons of work with writing and performing this original + adding some captivating visuals. I'm aware that he submitted 15min late but I'm not aware of how strictly folks abide by the rules. I hope no one cares so much to scold me, but time is an illusion anyways. I'm pulling the host card and sending my man Berni a mask. I'll hold out my wrists for a slappin'.

But let this be fair warning for next time I host (if I'm allowed)... you best be submitting your entries on time!
And if it's late... well... it better be an original song that you worked your butt off to squeeze in.

^ Hopefully this reads as kidding ^

Alright... that's that. I'll be reaching out to those listed above for addresses. Please be patient, as I'm still on the road until 11/8 and will need to get settled back in once I get back. Hopefully they'll hit the post the week of 11/13.
Thanks for such a fun theme, Chris!
And thanks for choosing me as one of the winners!
Aww, thanks so much, Chris!! ❤️ Taking that step was rewarding in itself and now this..☺️ Really appreciate your encouragement this week! Hope you’re having a blast and enjoy the rest of your trip there. Safe travels when you head back. ❤️✨🤙
Thank you, Chris, for such a fun theme! SOTU is its own prize by encouraging blighters such as myself to learn tunes and to try things such as actually singing while playing that we’d otherwise never consider!
my mask arrived today - thank you!
got my 65 year old bear to try it on
you may see it in a future vid
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Fingers crossed! Can't wait!!

Thank you so much, Chris @hands_on_lanzon ! My mask arrived yesterday - greetings from snowy Finland.
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Woohoo!! That mask really does change your appearance! 🤔😁

I got masks for everyone in my family and *convinced them to take a Christmas card picture wearing them. (*It didn't take much convincing... I guess weirdness runs in the family). Here's the back of our card....

image (11).png
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