Season of the 'Ukulele (SOTU) 629 - Season of the Cuckoo'lele

just wrote this song, not unlike some dreams i'm not really sure
what's going on but i think it's about dying


i was falling through the air w/out a sound
counting down the hours til my body hit the ground
the clouds passed through my skin just like a sieve
the years that never knew me: who did i spend em w/?

& you woke up before i did

the birds are singing unfamiliar songs
as i pass them on the way down; left + right + wrong
i thought that you'd be there to break my fall
i said a silent prayer for every single lie i've told
i crossed myself + marked it on the grid

but you woke up
you woke up
you woke up before i did

the ink's still bleeding wet upon my skin
as i'm knocking on the front door but there's no-one to let me in
you're lying crumpled down there on the floor
surrender all your dreams when you don't need them anymore
some things have only so much they can give
eternity is calling: 'who will you spend me w/?
the light it stole away the safe places where we hid

& you woke up
& i woke up
but you woke up before i did

I love it, Jon! But I think maybe you meant to post to SOTU 632. 😁
Chris, your gorgeous card finally made her way cross the oceans
to the bottom of the world!
it's so beautiful my brother, thank you!
🙂 🌻 💚

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I'm glad it made it safely! I had sent another prior, but not sure if it ever arrived. This one, however, is surely getting little attention in this photo, as I can't stop staring at that beautiful MB!!! 😍
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