Season of the 'Ukulele (SOTU) 642 - Much Love for the PNDub

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"She don't go for that old stuff anymore."
"Outlaw women don't need any guns."
"She don't give a damn 'bout society."

This is my 2nd song submission for this week. Playing my Lava tenor. Recording from my campervan on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Purgatory Overlook. No Outlaw Women were harmed in the making of this video.
Many years ago a lecturer who worked in the same department at university as me was from Seattle and along with the rain references he liked to tell his class the story of Skid Row being based on Skid Road in Seattle. [I know there are also other places in America & Canada that possibly contributed to the Skid Road -> Skid Row narrative.] I looked up and found the introduction to the book Skid Road: An informal portrait of Seattle by Murray Morgan. These alternative place names and street names and the "where dreams go to die" are taken from his book.

I've moved over to the dark side of linear tuned baritone for this. :)

Down on the Sawdust
Yesler’s Mill in the Sag

Skid Road
where dreams go to die

Lava Beds
White Chapel
Great Restricted District

Skid Road
where dreams go to die

Mill Street
Yesler Way
The Deadline
Pioneer Square

Skid Road
where dreams go to die
Skid Road
where dreams go to die
In The Pines
Nirvana did a cover of this song, though I've never heard it, but it makes this song eligible.
I love the song and I will listen to their version.
Many artists have recorded it: Lead Belly, Bill Monroe, Tiny Tim, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Earl Scruggs, The Louvin Brothers, Lorretta Lynn, Pete Seeger and many more.
It has gone under many different titles as well: In The Pines, Black Girl, Little Girl, My Girl, Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
I can't recall, but I think I probably first heard it from Doc Watson.

- Edited to say that after listening to the Nirvana cover, I realised that I have heard it before. Not my favourite, but not bad.
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When I was a young man, it was in the middle of the era known as the Cold war, so Neville Shute's Post Apocalyptic book "On the Beach" really struck a chord with me. I read it from cover to cover and indeed was reading the last chapters walking downstairs from the maths classroom when, my English teacher, who was walking up the same stairs, saw me engrossed and with tears in my eyes. Without a word she just lifted the book up so she could see the title. When she did, she nodded to me, understandingly, and we continued on our way.

That book contained the first reference I had ever heard to the city of Seattle. I would later see the movie with Gregory Peck - one of our family's favourite actors. It was good, but the book is unsurpassed in its power. Of course when the cold war appeared to have ended, the book looked outdated, but now with tensions in the air, it has suddenly taken on a real relevance again.

So here is my "Grunge inspired" song in which the story is told by the sailor sent ashore to explore the bizarre signal being received in Australia

If you aren't familiar with the book or film, I highly recommend it.

Official trailer.
Nothing by Hector.

Do the people really get the government they deserve?

Elections coming up in the UK, and people are being ask to choose between two bad alternatives.

Are we not bound in fetters, held in the cords of affliction, about to perish for our arrogance and lack of understanding.
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Official trailer.

I mentioned this to Berni! My Dad met Nevil Shute during the War ... I have no idea how, and it's too late to ask him now, but I read that Shute, as well as being a novelist, was an aeronautical engineer and my Dad was in the R.A.F. Anyway, perhaps as a result, he had a full collection of his novels, which I worked my way through as a young teenager ... I think my favourite was "A Town Like Alice." I've seen the film of "On The Beach" but I think I found it really difficult to accept Fred Astaire in a dramatic role.
I didn't think I had a second song in me for this week. But my MUSE had other ideas. I woke up this morning with the repeated last lines of the chorus in my head and the rhyme Seattle / Battle in the background. I just let my muse tell me the story and this song is the result.
This is a rocky little number, but far too "pop" for "Grunge".

No Native American inspired work yet, but there's still plenty of time! I was watching a few YT vids yesterday, seeing if I could find anything that could translate well to the uke.
I really appreciate Threebird's entry at post #68.
In his reply to one of the comments on his video, he mentioned Canadian Inuk musician Elisapie.
I went to check her music out. She did a version of Queen's I Want To Break Free in Inuktitut – her first language.

It will take me a while to learn to sing in Inuktitut (i am fading out here...) so here is my English.. or Singlish version.

When i was singing the lyrics i felt as if Elisapie was singing about the things she and her people have to go through....

i will catch up on more videos. So much great stuff.
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Howdy folks! Loving all the entries so far!! It really does feel like home home, hearing all the familiar PNW music and songs about the rain. The additional (or subtractional) zero theme has also made way for some really good entries! I've missed hosting, as it forces me to take in some great music and view all the sweet and considerate comments that help make the SOTU what it is. I'm happy to be back, spending time with you all!

I've also been spending time on this seemingly simple song, but it's actually quite tricky. I tried fretting the whole thing, but I couldn't quite manage. I tried a capo on the 1, which worked alright, but was bothersome... so I ended up just tuning up a half step and playing it down. Fun little trick to skip the capo! The vocals and timing were also a bit of a puzzle, but I'm happy with this take, that's mostly there.

I'd be willing to bet a cheap uke that most none of you have never heard this song or of this band. It's called "She Is My Cain" by Wolfgang... a Filipino rock band from the '90s. The only person who I would take back the bet for would be @flyingroc . Anyways, they're grungy and metal'y inspired. They have a record/performance called "Acoustica" that is similar to the MTV Unplugged series.. (we have a few great Nirvana entries already). Wolfgang's performance reminds me a lot of the Alice in Chains Unplugged... another of my unplugged favorites! If that isn't enough of a tie in for the Season, there is also a line, "She is my rain." Ok.. that's enough chatter... here's my take!

I'd like to add, I was inspired to show off my sunnies by Bobby and our newest Seasonista... his sister, Sarah!! Check out their video and give Sarah a warm Seasonista welcome!!!

Please do also check out the original, from Wolfgang's Acoustica set! Basti's voice if f***ng amazing!!! I'll learn the solo part someday!
Thanks for hosting, Chris! 🙂

Here’s a rainy one. I’m shocked to realise it’s the first Travis song I’ve ever covered. Baritone uke with some added synth bass and strings, and a homemade rhythm track. Hope you like.

I did a 4-song set at the first Thursday open mic last night, of which the first three were songs I did earlier in the week for this Season (plus "Tubthumping" from 640, because it's so catchy!).

Today is one of those days where YouTube has been taking forever to load videos - very frustrating. I started attempting this one first thing this morning - maybe 7am? - and it's finally posted at 6:30pm. Yegods.

While I was waiting for the upload, I also recorded a song today, which will hopefully finish shortly.
It may surprise you to know that the majority of my coaching clients work at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, near Seattle.

I thought we ought to celebrate (one of?) the biggest and best known employer(s?) in the PNW.

What better, then, than to sing about their flagship product?

"Reinstalling Windows" is a parody, by the delightful imp poet Les Barker, of George Formby's "When I'm Cleaning Windows".

And hello, yet again, Chris! Sorry, I think I'm outstaying my welcome, but - yet again - I had to stay in for a delivery; this time a garden chair. which has just arrived and has to be assembled! I mean, a metal garden chair, for heaven's sake ... is there NOTHING you can buy online that you don't have to put together yourself??? Anyway, I've gone for the "zero" option this time, with this thoroughly depressing Beatles' song from the "Revolver" album. To make it even more depressing, I have added a special effect that turns me into a sort of old (depressing) bit of film ....

Ain't gonna give nobody none of my jellyroll
I wouldn't give you a piece of this cake not to save your soul!
My mama told me today Before she went away
"Emma be a good little girl" She'd put my hair up in a curl
I didn't know you for you to keep on hanging around
I know you want it I've gotta turn you down
My jellyroll is sweet, and it can't be beat
I know you want it, but you can't have it
Ain't gonna give you none my jelly roll
I ain't gonna give nobody none of my jellyroll.

Oh no I just was learning the song come as you are by Nirvana and wanted to post the video, but now I found out that this song has already been submitted and I don’t know if it’s okay to post two versions of the same song

also, funnily enough i’m just reading a fantasy book series that plays in the Pacific Northwest
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