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Sep 14, 2013
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Newlyn, Cornwall UK
I thought it would be a good idea for us to be able to share which festivals we are visiting or playing at in case we can meet up.
I haven't bought a ticket yet, but am planning on going to the NJ Uke Fest. said:
Join us for the 2018 New Jersey Uke Fest, the Folk Project's sixth annual ukulele festival! The festival will be held at the Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey in Whippany, NJ on Friday, Aug. 24, and Saturday, Aug. 25, with an outdoor Jam on the Green in Morristown on Sunday, Aug. 26. We will have everything you've come to expect from a uke fest: concerts, workshops, vendors, an open mic, jams, and more!

i'm in two minds about the Tees Uke Fest

I prefer Folk Festivals to Uke Festivals.

I will almost certainly spend a day or so at Saltburn Folk Festival and a few days Whitby Folk Week - both in August.
I'm going to the Hoylake Summer Strum next w/end.
You never know Geoff you may enjoy yourself. There is an open mic and some great workshops especially Peter Moss.
I will be going to the Beautiful Days festival down in Devon in August. The ukulele will be with me (of course).
Borfus and I, as UkeFoote are playing ProphetsFest, an outdoor music festival in Richmond, Indiana, on Aug 18. We'll go on in the afternoon at approximately 2:00 and play until about 3:00.

here's a link to the festival's home page:

here's a vid of one of the songs we'll be playing:

It'd be great to see some UU comrades!
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