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I guess this belongs here...

Not a single ukulele in sight. I acquired an extremely cheap and very beat up old guitar (biggest damn guitar I ever saw!) from a charity shop. Tuned it to open D, mucked around for a bit and came up with this.
Some overdubbed slidin' and twiddlin' with a garnish of GarageBand piano.


Started learning this for S627, but it felt more like 6/8 to me than 3/4, so I just kept it purely as a piano practice. It was nice for me to mess around and see what notes I could add or what inversions I could use by using my music brain & my ears instead of relying on the internet.
Here’s my synth cover of a fabulous Jon Duncan @mountain goat original. He wrote it in 2019 and did a new version of it a week or two back for Season 628. I loved it - so much so that I asked him if I could cover it. Luckily he kindly agreed - thank you, Jon!

And while I’m about it, a few years back I covered another Jon Duncan @mountain goat original, which I still consider to be one of the best covers I’ve ever done. I hope you’ll excuse me re-posting that one here:

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Mitch just shared a Jerry Lee Lewis song It Was The Whiskey Talking Not Me in Del's Love Your Larynx Season. I'm too late to enter this one, so I found an old video I made a few years back (You can tell by my haircut that it was during COVID lockdown)
This is Just The Whiskey Talkin' by the late Joe Hall from Peterborough, Ontario.

Here's one I did (with ukulele) for the Facebook Tin Pan Alley group that features a couple of instrumental bits played on a Roland AE-01 electronic wind instrument I got not long ago, using a tenor sax sound. Bass & percussion were programmed with ChordPulse. In the second instrumental part you can see me playing it.

It's so cool you just left the radio or TV on, Mark

i got this xylophone at a second hand shop 2 days ago. I replaced the sponge as it was disintegrating...
don't think it is in tune but it is playable.
Here's a song about a snail....

I played the same song with the uke after that.
and here's another xylophone song about a sloth....

I did the same song on bari uke after that
A first go at a new instrumental I've called Winter's Touch. I thought of layering a number of instruments but have decided at the moment at least to keep it to just 2 tenor guitar parts played on a Peter Coombe short scale tenor guitar in GDAE tuning.

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