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Aug 25, 2009
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I often see posts that refer to "Seasonistas" and folks seem toknow what they mean by that term, but I am unfamiliar with it.
Please help me out.
Seaonsitas are people who post videos in the weekly Seasons of the Ukulele challenge. This week's challenge is Season 407 … You need hands

Here's generally how it works
+Seasons of the Ukulele is a subforum under UU Contests.
+The Seasons weeks are friendly challenges, not
competitions! It's a community of ukers who play and encourage each other. Each Season is hosted by a volunteer Seasonista.
+Each Season runs from early Sunday to midnight the following Sunday—you have 8 days to prepare and record a video for that week's theme.
+Each theme is chosen by the volunteer host (you have to be a Seasonista to host) and announced when the Season launches so everyone has the same time to prepare.
+The host offers some kind of judging, but it's not always based on skills—it may be the feeling you project. Sometimes it's a drawing. Once it was knife-throwing.
+There are prizes, but they're generally just for fun.

The best things about participating
1) It builds your confidence. Kindly people—who have all been beginners!—comment encouragingly.
2) It gives you a goal to get good at a song each week.
3) You get to know some UU members better by watching them and interacting on the thread.
4) You can hear a wide variety of songs and styles, many of which may be new to you.

Loads of fun. Lots of great videos. Some great players, some beginning players, and a generally very positive and encouraging audience. A good way to stretch your abilities and demonstrate your creativity.

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