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Jun 22, 2020
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Kaneohe, Oahu
Howdy all,

@jtsteam has created an absolutely stellar FAQ for the Seasons here. I've locked that thread just to keep it tidy, with this thread for people to add comments, questions, suggestions, etc. (That's how we do ALL the FAQs here -- a locked doc with an open discussion thread to feed and support it.)

I can't thank Edwin enough for his work on this document, which I think is PERFECT in every way! I'm very happy to have it and to draw your attention to it. It remains a living document, so please chime in if you see anything that needs addressing...but for now, I hope you'll start by reading it and enjoying it. It really is magnificent!

Absolutely brilliant Edwin! Thank you on behalf of the whole UU membership. You're a legend.
I confidently predict this will end up being one of the most viewed threads in the history of this forum.
You just totally nailed it and in a concise and 'welcoming' tone that would make anyone, at whatever standard,
feel safe and comfortable and motivated to join in; and in so doing, have so well summed up the spirit of what
the seasons is all about.
Just wonderful!
🙂 💚 🌻
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Great job, Edwin ... you've covered everything concisely and answered any queries that are likely to arise. Hopefully, this will encourage more Forum members to come and join us. Kudos, Sir!
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