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May 18, 2023
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I was wondering if anyone has experience using a shaper origin router for making templates, slotted headstock, inlays,....
I'm asking as I prefer the smaller footprint over a regular CNC due to my very limited space.
I get by with a 300mm x 400mm x 55mm LYCNC Chinese built and supplied router that takes up very little space. It has an 800kw air-cooled spi9ndle and is operated using MACH3 software. With this I have made all of my jigs but more importantly have learned to use it for pocket-fret slotted fretboards, headstock logo and shaping including positioning tuner holes accurately. I now cut out my fronts, braces and rosette channels, do complex fretboard inlay and make sure that the $2000 investment in this machine returned to me asap. I originally got it for jig making but once you have a set of jigs, what do you do next? I suspect the tool you are looking at is more for the furniture trade than anything else.
Thanks a lot for your sharing your experience and recommendation. I actually had a chance to do a test run this week and made some fun logo inlay (see pic). I nevertheless decided to invest in a Shapeoko 4 CNC set up. while the Shaper is impressive, mobile you are absolutely right that it is probably more useful for the furniture making eg it has no z-axes which hopefully will come handy one day on the Shapeoko. really appreciate you taking the time. thx


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