Sharp pain on finger when playing some notes :(


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Sep 26, 2010
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Hi everyone,

New to Ukes in general and I've been learning for about two weeks on a second hand Flea that I bought of a friend.

Anyway, there are some instances where if I put my finger, usually the index, across an entire fret to play a note I experience a really quick and sharp pain. I wouldn't even call it a pain, but more of a quick grinding feeling that will cause me to involuntarily move my finger away.

The source seems to come from the lower middle joint thing of my index finger and it happens when I play stuff like Db7.

Has anyone ever experience this? Is it just my fingers adjusting or something to playing a uke? I have no pain or discomfort in 100% of everything I do. No loss of mobility or anything as well. I am also a healthy 21 year old who has quite strong fingers since I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which requires a very strong grip.

I tried googling but nothing came up.

Also, I live in Australia and was thinking of getting myself a brand new Flea since I really would like to stick with ukes for a while. Is it worth the price+shipping of getting one in?

Thank you for any help.
You sound a bit young for arthritis, but you never know.

I think its more likely your hand adjusting - playing any stringed instrument requires a lot of stretching and strength to build up in the fretting hand.

Keep a close eye on it, cos it could also be inflamed tendons. That gets very painful.
Aloha Holesom,
Sounds like you've been practicing quite abit just might have injured your muscles or tendons in your finger, I'd take it easy for a few days..
As for a new uke, after paying duty and custom charges it'll be kinda close.....I can't believe the local ukes there are just as expensive....HMMM
Just a suggestion, If you're ordering on line,,, maybe an upgrade would not be a bad idea, since you have a fleas sense having two..
Good Luck whatever you choose to do...and let us know what you eventually get.
BTW-Welcome to the UU and our forums and the ukulele.....Have Fun!!! and Keep strumming them strings!! MM Stan..
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Sounds like crepitus, which is a grinding sensation which can come from many causes in the body. Sometimes an inflamed tendon will produce this as it moves through it's sheath. It's not serious, but don't press your luck. Cut back on practicing a bit, particularly chords that bring on this sensation. In time, it should get better. If it gets worse, seek medical advice.
Well, I must say that I had also been having a similar situation a few months back. Constant strikes on the keyboard really took a huge toll on my hands and I had no idea as to what was that supposed to mean until I visited the doctor where he prescribed me some medical supplements to take care of my finger and my health. Since then, I really had no problem typing and I suggest you do the same!
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