UU Podcast Sheet Music Vs Music Theory | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #95

In-Person Lessons, Reading Sheet Music, & Applying Theory​

What is more important: learning to read Sheet Music or learning Music Theory? The UU team discuss the value of both, and how much you actually need to be a proficient uke player. Alongside this topic, Aldrine demonstrates how he's still discovering new pieces of Music Theory, and how he's applying it to spice up his own playing. The guys share tips on how to make the most out of In-Person Lessons, and advice on how to make a Jam more Beginner-Friendly?

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Questions asked this Week:
0:41 Q's and O's (Even though it says A's)
4:05 What are must do's for In-Person Lessons? (Private Lessons)
6:45 Ask if you can film the Lesson
9:35 Be Open and Honest
12:15 Must do's for Group Lessons
16:25 Bring a Tripod
17:20 Ask Questions
20:00 Bonus Tip: Listen
26:15 Aldrine's Upcoming Events
28:35 How important is reading sheet music?
31:25 Sheet music is not the be-all, end-all
34:00 IS Music Theory more important than Sheet Music?
39:10 Aldrine is still learning theory himself
45:00 Music Theory explains why something sounds good
51:00 Music Theory is a Roadmap
56:45 How to make a Jam beginner friendly?
1:01:40 The Joys of Jams
1:06:00 Tips for Non-English Speaking Students
1:09:25 ECEA Tuning
1:14:40 Aldrine's In-Person Lessons and Club

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