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Jan 7, 2013
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Buffalo, NY
Even though I recently got a Hawaiian made uke, I still find myself going on theukulelesite and clicking straight to the "Hawaiian Made Ukuleles" section. I just can't get enough of looking at them. The beauty is really unmatched in my opinion when it comes to Hawaiian crafted ukuleles. I'd love to see what everyone else has on here!
Circa 2006 KoAloha concert. My first really nice ukulele step-up from a starter laminate. Birthday gift from my mom. Love this uke.


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Kanile'a K-2 CP...
All so amazing. I am a sucker for that Honu Kanile'a though. One of my all time fav ukes.
Kamaka HF-3. Just a joy to play and takes me back to Oahu every time I pick it up. :)


I got my HF-3 on The Bay for just over 1K. I believe there was only one owner and it had very few signs of any use. I purchased it a couple of years ago, it was built in mid-2000s.

Plays like a dream, light as a feather and all the tone any one could ever desire.


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I like for the sound samples. I can’t get enough of listening to those guys play. It also definitely feeds my interest in improving my playing.

Anyway, here’s my KoAloha KSM-01...pineapples forever and always!106E19D4-941D-4956-BEBA-E2822BAE3FD7.jpg

The blonde high-gloss finish Kanile'a K-1T was my first Hawaiian. I bought it on Ebay and really lucked out. That really fired up my UAS.

Hawaiian reduced.jpg

All have lovely and unique sounds. The high-gloss heavily flamed (curly) K-1T has Worth Browns Low-G strings on it. The high-gloss KoAloha KTM-00, gloss finish Kamaka HF-3 and Blonde K1-T have Living Waters Low-G sets. Really fun sometimes to compare the sound differences on the same music. Even with my crude strumming and picking I can plainly hear them.
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KoAloha KCM-10 Pikake Koa Concert


I live in Australia, and since I took up the uke I really wanted an Hawaiian made instrument.
I was lucky enough to score a Ko'olau off a UU member a few years ago. He had acquired a Moore Bettah.
It's a model 200 from 2007 - spruce top, and koa back and sides. The build quality is incredible, the sound full and sweet.

P1090004.jpg P1090006.jpg

I came across a Sam Chang built uke here in Australia that had it's back smashed in. I had it restored - and it was worth it! So much sweet sound from such a small box. Koa of course - and a beautiful piece of history. I'm a very lucky strummer...

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You Sir have a well picked Uke fam. Well played.

This is funny. I looked at the attachments, and I realized I had the same exact instruments. What a coincidence. Then I saw that I was the one who made that post. That was a while ago. That KoAloha Crown Bridge will be going into the Marketplace soon. I have too many ukes.
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