Strings Show us your string-changing kit

Sorry, was out of town so am late to the party.

Here is my string changing drawer. You can’t see the Music Nomad clippers. I also used to keep a spreadsheet that I invariably forgot to update, so now I just tear off a square from the string package, write the change date and any notes and leave it in the case. In this example I used the Savarez trebles with a UkeLogic smoothwound and also cleaned and oiled the fretboard.IMG_1003.jpeg
This is perfect timing! I just purchased some fretboard oil and now it seems I'll need some fret wire cleaning supplies. I've never been so excited to get cleaning supplies!

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Well, that sure feels nice... My first time polishing frets and oiling a fretboard. Thankful for this thread!
Ooooo.… Just looked it up on Amazon & ordered a couple. “Pleasant vanilla scent”. Yay! Next time I change strings ….
You just need a small could do an entire uke with a 1" x 1" square. I like to protect the fretboard (painters tape would work but I use sticky notes, lol) cuz they are kinda oily feeling.
I have a number of different stringed instruments, so my kit contains strings for guitars, banjos, ukes, dulcimers, and bouzoukis.
I have had the same kit for probably 30 years…51F8800E-991F-45A0-92FE-0608C780A297.jpeg9402F27D-B6E5-4616-AA84-EE7DD5095A49.jpegB02CCAB0-5436-4C30-BE9F-3E5C8554E1D8.jpeg
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