Show us your ukes!

It's a tough choice for sure, but I just write 90% of my songs on a $200 acoustic and I've outgrown it. In any case, I'm trading one legacy instrument for another, so it's not a bad deal

My new guitar is on its way from Marseilles, currently on a plane flying over the ocean and will be here Thursday!
What guitar did you get?
Only started since last Christmas when my wife bought one for me off Ebay ( the lighter one in the back ). A month ago I bought the Leho, and next month is my birthday sooooo.... time for a Soprano
Some CBUs


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KA-S? I got one of those recently from GW, nice uke for the price!
Btw I'm having a hard time choosing a bag for it. I'm considering a hippy backpack and a large handerchief to wrap the Uke. This way I can protect it and use the extra space to carry soft items. Thoughts?
I love how Beansprout uses glorious wood on the fretboard (often carried along to the headstock)! It's such a creative, wonderful touch. I find the dark wood fretboard kinda boring, this is really a neat variation!
We love these too...

KA-S? I got one of those recently from GW, nice uke for the price!

Uke Pile.JPEG

But now wee need some bigger ones for the upper grades as we grow the program... we will be buying a similar pile of Ka-15 C soon...

These don't have the closed tuners or white binding like the KA-S do but are about the same otherwise... I can't even count the number of times I've watched a student drop one of these on the floor... so far - aside from replacing a few tuners, we have a 100% survival rate going after the first year!
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