Show us your ukes!

My Uke is happy to be home, it almost feels like New Uke Day. Just got it back this afternoon with new fluorocarbon stings, and newly setup as low-G to go with the Jeff Peterson book.

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I'm so happy it's back again!!
Thanks, yeah me too. I picked it up on my way in to band rehearsal last night (where I usually play only keyboards). One of the songs we're doing this week is by Emmylou Harris so since I had it with me, I opted to play uke on that one instead of piano. So I'll get to use it on Sunday, it will give me something fun to work on. The song only has three chords, every uke players' favorites — B, E and F#.
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That’s beautiful. Such nice condition!
The photos don't do it justice, actually. There are only three or four almost imperceptible micro-dings on the entire instrument and literally no sign of wear on the frets or fret board. Even the original chipboard case is almost mint. There's a very light patina around the sound hole that could easily be buffed out but for me it only adds to the beauty of the instrument to see the pattern where the previous owner's fingers have brushed the top. It's a beauty and it sounds as good as it looks. I had the chance to compare this one with my teacher's 1930's 1-T last week. His has a somewhat darker sound, as the earlier ones tend to, but they both have that unmistakable Martin tone. They're not necessarily ideal instruments in every context, but what they do well they do better than any other, IMHO.
Here is my new ukulele, the Enya nova u
to find a ukulele, I first went on the Thomann website, but somehow I didn’t find one that’s really clicked. There were some that I liked from the design But nothing that really spoke to me sound wise although I have to say I ignored the ones that didn’t have sound example on the website which work quite a few.
then I went on Amazon and found the Enya Nova and I really liked the sound and so I bought it although I wasn’t a fan of the design. I generally don’t like instruments that have only one colour . Either it has to be just wood where you see the pattern of the wood or more than one colour for me.

on Saturday, it arrived and I was totally thrilled. I couldn’t stop playing it at least until my fingers cramped.
then I decided I needed to do something about the design and because the body is made from carbon and plastic. I thought painting on it should be no problem. So I took my acrylic markers and let my creativity flow.
because of the design of the sound all I thought of a Phoenix coming out of the fireball also because I absolutely love phoenixes and that mythologically their song is supposed to have feeling powers and also their tears .
in the end, I really liked the result and I also was fascinated because I had to use a hairdryer because the paint was very wet and when I was finished the strings weren’t out of tune at all which never would have been the case with a wooden instrument

now after a couple of days, I am still completely in love with this instrument and think it was one of the best decisions in my life. I am always very sad when it gets 10 pm because I have to stop playing because it’s only allowed to play musical instruments until 10, and I am afraid of getting s** with my neighbours
In the last 13 years of buying and selling ukulele, I have always been around 20-25 personal ukes. There have been a ton of Kamaka, Kanile'a, Pono, and Kiwaya that have come and gone, but these are the ukes that I have settled on out of personal preference. No doubt, there are a few I wish I had back. I do have some from Pops that he asked me to sell for him, but all of these pictured are owned by me and not necessarily for sale, but if you ask, then maybe ;) I now understand why my wife gets upset when she sees an ukulele delivered to the house. Can you ever have too many? I think I might. Everyone of these ukes has a story attached and in some cases, I find the story even more interesting than the uke.


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