Show us your ukes!

Here you have mine:

In order:
Kala - Sopranino in cFAD
Kohala - Soprano in GCEG
Lanikai - Concert in CGDA
Bones - Banjolele Concert in gCEA
Kai - Tenor in GCEA (low G)
Honni - Electric Baritone in DGBE
Bonanza - Baritone in DGBE

It's fun to have one instrument in so many different forms!
I accidentally ran into a beautiful u-bass today and I couldn’t resist😳. So now I have finally a bass I can play!

Ouch... hope you're allright ;)...
Black, F-holes, dig that!
Well, actually, I could almost have been tripping over it, because it was standing on the floor next to the rack with ukes I was looking at while waiting for my husband who was buying velcrot for his pedal board… So I saw it and played it and…well, resistance was futile…
So yours is the Fireball (nice!) -- what are theirs?


My daughter's is a Kala KA-MG-C (concert, solid spalted mango). My son's is an Ibanez UKS-10 (soprano, laminated mahagony).

Out of the three, I consider the Kala the highest quality. The Fireball is not bad but has some weak points: the use of endpins, a too thick gloss finish, and buzzing parts in the electronics.
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