Show us your ukes!

My new pickguard.Pickguard Final.jpg
Here's my Kala Concert. I really miss my Lanikai Tenor and the Low G :(

Kala by MLAPhotos, on Flickr

How do you like your Applause? Mine is great. While not loud acoustically, that is not what it was meant for. I really should have gotten that black one to match my 1718 :D

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I adore mine. It sounds lovely, works wonderfully with an amp, is gorgeous, and feels extremely nicely made. We also have a black Ovation guitar, so it feels right at home.

I use it when we do more laid-back stuff, switching to the EleUke with more aggressive effects when we want to kick it up. They both get a lot of looks, being so unusual - especially in Texas.
my stable

top left, Lanakai Concert "SKECGC" solid koa electric acoustic, top right vintage Harmony purchased ~1970, on the radio a "Made in Taiwan" Baritone, and on the floor my Luna "UKE TC MAH"

The Four Tenors

Here's my tenor selection (KoAloha, DS Gill, Kelii, Compass Rose).
They all sound great!
Here's a shot by our friend Evan of the EleUke and I in action during our band's most recent gig, here in Fort Worth at Lola's on 6th Street opening for a couple of other local indie rock bands:

Untitled by evanshannon, on Flickr

I play the EleUke on stage hooked up to a Fender Mustang II amp, which we mic. The Mustang is set to emulate a '57 Fender Champ with a tasteful amount of distortion going on.

Here's a full group shot:

The Diabolical Machines by evanshannon, on Flickr

L-to-R: Me on the EleUke, our lead guitarist Rachel on her left-handed Les Paul, our drummer Jackie, and our rhythm guitarist Steph on her black Ovation Elite.

The EleUke and the amp set up on stage after sound check:

Photo Nov 15, 8 42 19 PM.jpg
My baby's

The one on the right is the first Uke ever purchased my Cordoba Baritone (20BM)

On the left is my Pono Tenor (ATC-C) love it so much!, Anyone else have one? If so how do you like it?


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I've posted a separate thread about this a ways back, but for visibility's sake, here's my newest addition to the family (actually an amazing birthday gift): a Lanikai spalted maple concert.


Love it.
here is my duo,
the concert is a christmas present....... sssshhhhh


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I got something new and crazy: the long-discussed, little-seen EleUke solid-body steel-string electric. This one's the Telecaster body.


Couple of close-ups:



And here it is alongside my Ovation tenor acoustic/electric and my EleUke jazz cutaway nylon-string solid-body electric.

Nice close-ups! Looks like a fun instrument to play

I got something new and crazy: the long-discussed, little-seen EleUke solid-body steel-string electric. This one's the Telecaster body.
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