Silent Night - ukulele fingerstyle solo


eggcited for uke
Jul 25, 2021
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Portland, Oregon
Happy holidays and lunch time recording sessions! I had a slightly jazzier recording of this a few takes before but realized (after the fact) that I wasn't recording the video on my iphone. A slightly more frustrated take shown here :D

Uku is Pono Master Series tenor (spruce/rosewood) from the ukulele site
Strings uke logic low g pink soft
arr. by Yuji at Ukulele time on patreon

Ukulele Time is great. Well played!
Thanks so much! Agree, so many awesome tabs!
Super nice !!!! (y)
Cheers Bill, thanks for the kind words :)
Nice job on the Holiday Classic. Thanks for sharing with us scrambled_eggs. 👏👏
My pleasure Joe! Thanks for listening :)
Very nice version, well played. Thank you!
Thanks for listening and sharing kindness!
Well done..
Cheers and thank you for listening!
Nicely done. That new Pono looks and sounds great. Nice job.
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