Simple design competition - win a baseball cap / tshirt


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Nov 5, 2008
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South coast of England
Hi guys,

This is a competition to design *simple* artwork for a baseball cap.

The prize(s) are:-

1st. A baseball cap and a tshirt with the designers work on.
2nd. A baseball cap with the designers work on.
3rd. A baseball cap with the designers work on.


1.The art work must contain no more than two colours and not be too intricate as it will be embroidered onto the caps - CLEAR / defined lines are required for embroidery.

2. Maximum of TWO entries per person.

3. The design MUST be ukulele related, but can be text, artwork etc - but must be made available to me in a high definition format (bmp, eps, ai etc)

4. The competition will run for ten days, ending on 18th April at 23.45hrs GMT.

5. SIX entries will then be placed into a new thread for viewer voting (via pm) which will be open for a further three days - with the winner and runners up notified by the following weekend.

have fun :D
Sounds like fun, I'm in! Now I just have to find myself some sketch paper...
Just to jump start things.....

Here's one to start us off.....


Hmmm.... I guess that is three colors, yellow, black and brown....

Here is my entry in two different forms, hopefully one of them works for you. Send me a private message if it doesn't and I'll try to fix it. Thanks for hosting the contest and I can't wait to see all of the other great designs.
Thanks to the two people who took the time and effort to enter into this little comp of mine - (it clearly wasn't a popular one !)

You both have private messages :)

Ukulele Etc, did you have an entry you couldn't post ? If so, I'll give you my email via pm and you can send it to me directly, I'll print it for you.

Mia :)
I know this has been over for awhile... just wanted to throw in one.ILikeUkes.jpg
Hi, you should have received your package by now - if it hasn't arrived by Monday can you send me a message and I'll resend using the courier.
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