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I used to sing at work, describing what I was going to do to the tune of Camptown Races or Shave and a Haircut. Before lunch I would sing "Mike is going to get some food Doo Dah, Doo Dah....etc. Or sometimes I would sing to the tune of Shave and a Haircut, "Mike's going to go to...The Can". The only whistling I would do is the song the nurse whistled in Kill Bill or the theme to Psycho.
Yeah, I usta do that and whistling too. Lotsa “Shut up!”s.

I had a good session today. I need to work on my concentration though. Reading the words, singin’ ‘em in tune and strummin’ the chords is a bit much for this ol’ guy. I’m usually a one thing at a time kind kinda person.
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Well, I sang tonight before supper. I had some trouble finding my key (C or D) though. The key of G seems to be very popular in most of my song books. Most of the time other keys are too high or low. If I know the tune, I can manage the chords, if there aren’t too many changes, and most of the words. If I don’t, I whistle. Anyway, I usually manage to have a good time. I oughta do it more.
When I play the ukulele and sing I just play whatever key the song happens to show up in, usually C or G. But with the uke I just strum the chords. With guitar I do a bunch of fancy runs and riffs so I often capo the guitar to facilitate them. I have noticed that often I'm playing songs that I play on the ukulele in C, in the key of G capoed at the fifth fret to bring it back up to a C, just so I can do some fun stuff with them. I do it enough so that I can transpose them in my head on the fly now, which is very handy because I play with a group that is essentially a ukulele group that suffers guitars if they can behave themselves. A lot of the songs at the get togethers are written in the key of C.

Whistling is verboten in my house. I don't know what it is, but not whistling is a small price to pay for everything else I get away with on a daily basis.
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I could not live without whistling or humming or even sometimes singing. I only wish that I could play my instruments as well as I whistle. However, believe me, I understand your problem. I guess you’re just nicer than I am.

It’s been a rocky December so far anyway . . .
I used to sing a lot for pitch and breath practice. I also would sing for lyric memorization. For the last year I've switched to talking to myself and my dogs in Spanish, as I've been taking daily Spanish lessons. I've always been learning something. Learning is a passion for me.
I couldn’t agree more! I think learning stuff is often more interesting and enjoyable (sometimes) than playing.

Lately, I’ve taken up Calligraphy — again!
Right there with ya' Dick. I like to sing and whistle. Sometimes, when things are going just right, my whistling can sound pretty good. Usually, it’s very mediocre. I have a decent voice for singing. Every time I go to a different church, I get asked about joining the choir. What I'd like to develop is a talking type singing voice, where I could get through the lyrics with expression, but without worrying about trying to be a "good" vocalist. Willie Nelson is an example of what I mean. He has such wonderful warmth, character, and feeling in his voice, that no one cares that he's half talking, half singing. That style seems so relaxed and uncomplicated. I really like it.
I share your desire to develop a talking voice. Willie is a good example. As to other possible role models to study, Johnny Cash was of course no slouch with talking tunes, along with Tom T. Hall, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Bobby Baer, Ray Stevens, Jim Stafford, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins and Leroy van Dyke (probably best known for “The Auctioneer”).
It’s the last six days of the month and time to sing. I usually sing folk and Cowboy and Gospel Songs with my Ukes. I find it very entertaining and nobody, except my poor wife, has complained yet.
I’ve really been readin’ a lot of poetry lately, mostly Robert Frost and Robert Burns and various Cowboy poets. I also enjoy playing Burns tunes, but Scottish and Irish language songs are very difficult to sing or even read for that matter. Cowboy songs are a lotta fun especially when they tell a story.
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Well, it’s singin’ with my ukes time again. I did it yesterday and had a good time, but I gotta put a strap on my Gold Tone banjolele today if I play it again.
It’s ukulele singing time again - Yay! - but I’m working outta my Blues Ukulele book this week too. We’ll see how that goes . . .
It is singing time again, but I’m whistling the blues instead. That way I can learn the uke playing part without bothering with words. It’s workin’ pretty well so far, but there are a lot of new chords to learn. The different blues scales are a snap. I like to play scales.
I didn’t sing much this month. I’m workin’ on some 12 bar blues on my concert with my new book, and I’m also learning some new chords.

I did play a few Cowboy tunes and more chords on my 8 string today though.
Just curious, @Down Up Dick, but do you know the song, "The Devil's Great-Grandson"? It's by the Sons of the Pioneers. I think it is in the key of F and has a bit of everything, even a fine bit of yodelling. I love that song!
Just curious, @Down Up Dick, but do you know the song, "The Devil's Great-Grandson"? It's by the Sons of the Pioneers. I think it is in the key of F and has a bit of everything, even a fine bit of yodelling. I love that song!
No, sorry, Yukio, I don’t know it. I do like The Sons of the Pioneers though.
Ha! That was great! Brings back fond memories of the old Cowboy movies when I was a kid. Thanks, Yukio, I enjoyed it, and I’ll listen again.
Well, it’s Sing and Whistle With My Ukes Time again. Tonight I used my Luna Concert Uke. I had a good time, though I found the frets very close together. I had trouble fretting G7. My fingers kept getting tangled up.

I’ve been playing my banjos lately, and I haven’t played the Uke for a while. I guess the difference was too much for my old fingers.
I often have a singing and/or whistling 5 day session at the end of the month. It’s about the only time I strum my ukes. I sing in C, D, or F, and, because I have an old man’s memory, I mostly use lyric sheets. I like to sing old folk music, old pop and some gospel. I also sing and whistle enough to drive my poor wife to distraction at other times, but without the ukes. On my daily walks, I whistle. I guess people might think me a little strange, but that’s what I do.

I am a good whistler, and I have a huge repertoire of tunes to whistle. I really wish I could play any of my instruments as well as I whistle.

Anyone else do anything similar?
I'm 65 and my singing voice is down to about an octave and my whistler has also been reduced, but I hum, whistle and sing and it's a good thing I live alone! My cat and dog like it because they know how happy I am every time I touch the uke. You should post a video!
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