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Apr 1, 2014
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Southern California
I rigged my Gold Tone “mini” banjo up to noodle with some slide (again). I needed a change, somethin’ new. I’ve messed with slide before but on different instruments. I haven’t played my mini in a while or slide either for that matter, so I guess it’s time for somethin’ new to shake me awake. I played a bit today and did low okay. Now nowhere ta go but up.
Right now I’m gittin’ my music together and tryin’ to remember what I learned before. It’s comin’ back, but somehow some mistaken info has crept in. I had a good time yesterday though.
Metal bar, PVC, Copper, Stainless, schedule-x pipe, Coricidin bottle, a "Lady" (7 oz.) Corona, a small Tabasco, Zippo lighter, cutoff maple drum stick, or (for flattop) an A1 or HP sauce bottle?

<edit> Sorry, it was an overworked weekend and I'm re-tired.
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Glass, but I’m not usin’ it right now. I’m working on some other aspects of blues. Why do you ask?
Just curious. I tried brass but passed that on to my son. I now have several glass slides. I don't play slide very much but it's fun to play every now and then. If you don't have a slide handy then one just has to improvise.