Small quality amp for a 6-string bari/guitalele under $200

That's kind of what I was thinking. I don't want to be overpowering in volume, especially since 98% of my time playing is just by myself. I want to play for people who want to listen, so I think it may make a little more sense to get a smaller, higher-quality amp like the Yamaha or Spark amps that have been recommended by others.
Honestly? Unless you have a particular type of music or sound that you're aiming for, stick with acoustic at home. The chase for fidelity can leave you thousands out of pocket. I have friends that have literally spent tens of thousands trying to get a natural sound, and it's never really right. If you want to just mess about with effects then a cheapie is fine.

I see amplification as a necessary evil when I'm playing for crowds. I'd much rather play acoustically, it always sounds better.
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I love my “CoolMusic” BP40 cordless amp. Sounds great, has a built in “pre-amp”, and two instrument channels, and two mic channels. It weighs only 14 lbs, compared to my Fender Acoustisonic 40w weighing 43 lbs…09A8CA9F-87C3-417D-98FA-616131C1E61B.jpeg0F8448D0-DBF1-4613-B63D-832E29758EAF.jpeg
I am currently downsizing and have a couple amps that may serve, a Roland Cube and a Blackstar Fly. It is fun see what sounds you get on an amplified uke. My son has plenty of amps, including another Cube, so I can move either or both of these on to another member of the community. I sent you a PM with pictures.
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