Soprano SOLD 2022 Romero Creations all-koa SK Signature Soprano (large body), mint


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Feb 2, 2022
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Sarasota, FL, USA
Up for sale is my best pal, my Romero Creations SK Signature Soprano, less than a year old. This is the soprano with the extra-deep sides (3" deep) and oversized bottom bout. It has terrific volume and sustain, as you would expect from all the added interior real estate. Sounds like a tenor--a refrain you often hear (as in "tastes like chicken"), but in this case it is TRUE TRUE TRUE!

At the moment, this is the only uke I own. In fact, it’s the only one I’ve played since I got it new last June. Because I like it so much, I’ve gradually sold off all my other ukes. It has a gorgeous, deep, rich, ringing tone. This model also comes in mahogany, but this is the all-koa version. Why am I parting with it? Because I have two new ukes on the way, one bought on the marketplace arriving this week, and a custom Barron River coming later. Bills must be paid! Actions have consequences! So my little Pepe must go.

I got this new in June 2022 from Matt at Aloha City Ukes, very nicely set up. It has a compensated saddle, and strings go thru-the-bridge (a feature I really like, and one I’ve specified for my Barron River custom). I took it to a luthier to have the two beautiful Waverley wooden strap buttons installed. They look as if they were made for the instrument. Other stats:

13.5” scale (standard soprano scale)
35 mm nut
Handcrafted, all solid wood
Koa top
Koa Body
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
Bone nut and saddle (compensated)
Gloss finish

It is now strung Low G, and in fact this model was intended for Low G. It was freshly strung last week with Aquila SuperNylgut Corde Armoniche on top 3 strings, and the Low G is a wound La Bella 900 Elite classical guitar string.

No dings, scratches, cracks, bullet holes, graffiti, no nuthin’! It’s in mint condition. Comes with the Romero Creations soft case designed to fit its unusual size. It’s been properly humidified and will be shipped with a Boveda pack.

You can see the NUD from last year here:

And you can hear a sound sample of this model (though not of this particular uke), plus see Pepe Romero's short video explaining the design, here:

Took fresh pictures today. This model now sells new for $769, as it did last June when I got it. Asking XXXX, shipped, in CONUS.

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PATTY!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!

But I know you've got two gorgeous babies arriving soon, so, I get it.

@TBB we were discussing the unicorn of a soprano that sounds like a tenor... sounds like this might be the unicorn / ukicorn 🦄:love:
Patty, the RC-SK soprano has been on my shortlist for ages. I drooled over this ukulele when you got it. And now I’m dejected because my paltry Social Security income prevents me from taking this amazing instrument off your hands. I know that whoever buys the uke is going to be thrilled with it.
@TBB we were discussing the unicorn of a soprano that sounds like a tenor... sounds like this might be the unicorn / ukicorn 🦄:love:
My thoughts exactly! I’m sure it sounds wonderful. Luckily, as is so often the case, I’m saved by “ships to CONUS” 😅😭

It looks beautiful @Patty, GLWS, I look forward to reading more about your new additions!
If heating bills haven't been killing me (they've more than doubled and I don't even have gas). I've been looking at the concert version of the tiny tenor for awhile. If I land a new job I'm going for it
Good luck Patty! Can't wait to see the new ones
I wish all of you unexpected inheritances (from distant relatives you didn’t know you had), surprise bonuses, winning lottery tickets, and miscellaneous windfalls from out of the blue.
Thanks, Patty! In the old says, they would say “from your lips, to god’s ears.” But I guess now it would be more appropriate to say “from your keyboard, to the Internal Revenue Service.” :)
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