SOLD: aNueNue UT200 Moon Bird tenor ukulele

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Jun 8, 2020
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SOLD: aNueNue UT200 Moon Bird tenor ukulele: The uke is lightly used and in excellent condition with no strum marks, deep scratches, dings, or cracks. It is strung with Fremont Black Lines in low G, and plays beautifully.

I purchased the instrument in as-new condition from the original owner mid last year in 2021. I sell because I will be venturing further into the world of custom ukes and have a self imposed limit on the number of ukes I have at any given time.

Asking price is $(sold), which includes shipping within the continental U.S. Thanks for looking!


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Still available and a price adjustment.
This seems to be a fair price (about the same as my UT200 purchase here on UU forums). It's a great sounding instrument.

Here's a recent video of what it *could* sound like (that is, if you can play like Brittni):
That's an excellent price for a terrific instrument. I paid about that for mine over a year ago.

Beautiful rosette, great looking straight grain rosewood body, even the moon phases fret markers are nice. [I'm a little envious...]

If I didn't already own one, I'd jump at this.
The aNueNue Moon Bird series are really good (sound and looks) and this is a great price for it. I had a concert that I let go after getting a custom built uke. What is often overlooked is that the fretboard has a slight radius which helps with barre chords.
I'm awfully tempted on this. The Moonbird is tops on my want/lustafter list. But I just put a deposit on a custom.
This lovely uke has been sold to Canucke. Enjoy!

Agreed with the above posts on the MoonBird series. The individual MoonBird instruments I have had the pleasure of playing all have been remarkably consistent and well constructed. Hard to pick a favorite size as all three sound great! Also, Brittni's playing is amazing. To be honest, she can make almost any uke sound great. Her abilities do shine brightly with that MoonBird.
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Gonna send a shout out to Alex!
The uke is beautiful.
Arrived not just ensconced in it's pretty blue case, but coddled with bubble wrap within the case to further support the headstock and neck. And the case itself suspended in foam within the cardboard box. Fantastic!
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