SOLD Bruko no.5 flat body with arched back and two piece bridge


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Feb 8, 2012
Thinning the herd a bit. Some changes in our circumstances mean we're probably moving to a smaller place soon and I won't have walls of uke storage any more.

This is a Bruko no 5. Flat body, with an arched back. I love this uke, but I never play it - I have lots of other ukes and it is a shame it isn't being played. It used to have a badge on the headstock which has been removed and put on a keeper - there is a little darkening around where it was, otherwise it's fine. New set of Martin fluorocarbon strings fitted. Has a strap button (factory fitted).

A more rounded sounding tone than the "normal" flat bruekos. And the two piece bridge means it has lower action - there is nothing wrong with the action on old ones but it is too high for the tastes of some.

It will go on a certain auction site soon but before I do I'm offering it here. £110 posted in the UK, which includes a hard foam case. Brueko currently charge 179 euros for this model without the case, import duty and rubbish strings. It's a great uke and it could be my only one, but then so could most of the others!

Video sample here:

More photos here: