For Sale SOLD KoAloha KTM 10RP MG

1400 sold
Thanks for posting and welcome, apologizes for earlier comments, which I'll remove from other thread. We have lots of people who try to trick people here and many of our readers are pretty vulnerable to those tricks, so I can be on high alert sometimes

Good luck with the sale!
I own the same one. Made in November 2022, I purchased it from another UU member. This is a limited edition model and is not currently available new, There are some dealers that have a couple still in stock (MIM's has a couple). This model has the satin finish, ebony headstock, fretboard and bridge along with the pineapple crown at the bottom of the fretboard. It's a unique model. I find it more balanced with a low G than my Koa KTM-00 but the high g that it's currently strung with sounds awesome also. Highly recommended! :cool: (y)
Here's the Southern Ukulele review:
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Here's another great TUS Clip on this exact ukulele:
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