Solid koa Lanikai concert LK-1C


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Aug 13, 2009
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Southern California
Lanikai LK-1C
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Very nice. I am with you though, I don't tend to play the fancy ones I have, I grab the Koloa, Ohana and Mainland before I open the ones in the cases! Pretty though.
Not to c-block KamakOzzie or anything, but your playing will improve and you'll enjoy learning more on a nicer instrument.
It's kind of silly to me to sell something that nice because you don't feel worthy of it. Take it as a challenge to become good enough to feel like you deserve to be playing it.
Otherwise you're going to be spending a lot more to get something comparable down the road. (regular flavor K-1's aren't exactly cheap...)
Wow. That is beautiful. How much did you originally buy this for? and does it have any pickup installed to it?

Just keep'll save you money in the long won't hAve to buy a bunch of ukes to get to that one.
Not only that, but it's one of the rare Lanikais that are Kanile'as. I wouldn't sell it unless there's some pressing life issues. Instruments are meant to be played. Even the nice ones!
I'll trade you a couple of "lesser" concerts-Mainland and Lanikai, for it if you just want to downgrade. Why don't you borrow a couple of hundred from a friend, pick up a Mainland, keep this one and play it in a few months?
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sorry to those who asked, but I am not interested in trades right now.

I know I said I wanted to downgrade because it is "far too nice for me", but current money troubles also play a large role in my decision.
If I sell it, and purchase a new, cheaper ukulele... I will have a couple hundred left over which will help me out a lot right now.

If it isn't sold by the time my financial issues go away, I will likely keep it
I know it's rare(Kanile'a no longer build ukuleles for Lanikai)...made in the USA .....AND arguably the nicest Lanikai ever made
maybe someone with a ukulele museum will buy it :)
We all understand money troubles. I apologize for the "you gotta keep it" message. I know where you're coming from. I hope you sell it soon.
Mokai - just tried to reply by PM and got this message: "mokai has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."

Just thought you should know...
Yeah, we've all been there. Bumpage for UUers to BUY THIS UKE! :drool:
I would take it, but funds are short. This uke will be somewhat collectible.
I have the soprano version, LK-1s, and it is my favorite uke. They really are beauties. I hope you have luck selling it!
I have the soprano version, LK-1s, and it is my favorite uke. They really are beauties. I hope you have luck selling it!

Thank you for the input, Natalie

If someone purchases it, I will include my humitron humidifier to help keep it safe.
I have one I picked up last year and its sweeeet!!!!!! Not selling mine.......
I am happy to see other LK owners chiming in, thank you

I am now asking $418 shipped withing the continental US
shipping insurance and paypal fees included
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