somebody in san diego please buy my bike!


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Nov 29, 2007
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ok so i know everyone here is saving their pennies for the next badass uke in the collection. but i know there are some riders here too. and some that wanna be riders.

well i wanna move on to bike #5. so im letting go of my streetfighter so i can get some extra cash to put down on a new ducati monster 696.

check her out at the link above. i posted her up for $4000 OBO, for someone here on the board in san diego to take the plunge, ill just put her up for a straight $3500.

sorry i put it here on the general discussion board, but i didnt wanna just clutter the other one with non-uke stuff. i just wanna let her go already. its time for us to part :(

Nice bike. Well, I'm not into streetfighters, nor do i live in San Diego...nor do I have my motorcycle license (yet,) but I can appreciate a nice looking bike. And it sounds like its a good thing you have frame sliders, although you don't have plastic fairings to break anyway. I hope you find a buyer!
I would buy your bike except...I don't even have my license! :D

I want a I could ride around with my uke on my back and everyone could be like, "whoa...he's awesome"
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