Someone help. PLEASE.


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Oct 3, 2021
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My computer is doing this god damn ridiculous thing where it doesn't recognize the mouse. Resetting the machine works...for about five minutes...then the mouse goes dark again. I can't keep doing that. It takes about 6 hours.
Is there a button on the bottom of the mouse to push? It resets or reestablishes the Bluetooth connection with the mouse.
Also try changing the battery in the mouse.
(Funny thing, we had the same issue just a couple hours ago. 😆)
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Battery is fine - charges via the USB cable. It's glowing neon colors at me right now.

Nope. No button.

I'm so fed up I feel like committing arson.
List of things I have already tried:

- Opening Device Manager and reinstalling a driver. No dice. The computer insists the driver is already there.

- Resetting as I mentioned. Worked for 5-6 minutes

- Farting around with the power settings and disabling the 'turn this off to save energy' option. No dice.

- Checking the USB ports. Other devices work fine.

- Reusing a general USB driver for the mouse. No dice. Not sure how that would even work but an advice site suggested it so I tried.

If you see a news report about a 33 year old woman with a thick black mohawk running amok committing murder it was me.

How old is the laptop? Brand?

How old is the mouse? Brand?

What kind of mouse? A corded USB mouse (not likely, but possible... my wife still uses one)? A Bluetooth mouse? A mouse that uses a USB transmitter?

If it's a BT mouse, then it's either the BT transmitter in the laptop, or the mouse is bad. You could try getting a USB BT module for $10-15 and see if the mouse will connect to that.

If it's a corded or USB-transmitter mouse, it could be the USB connector either the device or the laptop. Could also be something flaky with your USB port. Either case, try the mouse on a different USB port and see if it behaves differently.

If none of that gets you anywhere, either try the mouse on another computer to see if it works properly there, or try another mouse on your laptop.

Gotta love technology.
NVM it's working now.

I could piss my pants with gratitude. I've been trying to get at my annihilation exercises for the past 3 hours.

It also did a weird thing where it only switches on if I remove the power cable and then runs down but it's back to normal now so ALL THE YAY
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