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Jan 7, 2024
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This is called a Traveler Soprano Acoustic Ukulele with Solid Walnut Wood Body & Neck.

I’m not quite sure about any of that, but the thing was so cute I had to check it out. It sells for $99 and is actually made quite nicely. Whether it’s really walnut, I’m not sure, but the neck at least seems like solid wood and one piece that seems to extend into a part of the body.
It’s tiny and very compact, 22 inches long, just a few inches wide.
The cool thing about it is that it has every note on every fret named. And the note names are actually laser etched into the wood not just painted on.
On the back there is a chord chart also etched.
The tuners are rudimentary but quite functional and the unique headstock is interesting. Not sure what the strings are.
Now for the sound. The sound is the true classic sound of a 1960s shirt pocket transistor radio, something so hard to reproduce in a modern instrument. Finger pick a Chinese Erhu instead of bowing it and you’ll get the idea.
Volume? It’s definitely not the loudest ukulele I’ve ever played, but it well may be the quietest.
Still in all, it’s very cute and I love the engraving. Also I think Baz would like it, it has side fret markers! It will attract a lot of attention at a ukulele gathering.
I’m thinking about putting on some Waverly tuners and a set of Pepe Romero Lavas with a D’Addario Pro-Arte Classic Guitar D string for Low G and maybe a L.R. Baggs Five.O pickup system and then I’ll have a rocking’ Uke.

……… Or maybe not.
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That’s so cool! I’m really interested in finding a quiet ukulele, lately, where did you get it?

I hope everyone understands that this is a strange sounding instrument.
First of all, thank you for taking the hit and testing it out for all of us. It might make a better electric instrument than an acoustic one, I don't know.
Just out of curiosity, does it look like it is built like a traditional acoustic instrument, or is it CNC'd hollows glued together? I'm assuming the latter, it looks like a CNC sort of thing.

And I'm sort of hoping for the latter, because I . . . I want to take a bandsaw to it. WE CAN REBUILD IT . . . SHORTER . . . LOUDER . . . WORSE LOOKING . . . BUT LOUDER. Anyway it won't take $6 million, I'm just going to cut the tail off of the instrument. If this is a CNC-carved instrument that doesn't have separate side pieces and a tail block then I have less to worry about. Not nothing, I know, but less. If it has an open tail, it will be shorter and louder and yes more terrible, probably!

NB: For those of you paying attention, I know that this would not really solve my "desert SW road trip uke problem" for this summer. Still working on how to do that.
This really looks nice, and I would love to hear how it sounds
unfortunately I can’t order from the US because it’s so expensive
Hmmmm, seems like it would be a bad idea to start cutting. But bad ideas aaaaaare kind of my jam.
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