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Dec 1, 2010
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I would like to be able to lead songs at Boy Scout campfires, but I'm afraid that my soprano might be too quiet and I understand that concerts and tenors are louder.

Is this true?

Will my Lanikai be loud enough (kind of hoping the answer is no so I have more ammunition with which to convince my wife that I need another one)?

What would be the loudest, non-electric, ukulele under say $100 ($200 maybe)?

I know I can lead the slow quiet songs, but I'm also thinking of the more rowdy ones too. Think 100 or more Scouts who shout more than sing.
Coming from a former Eagle Scout, this is a great idea.

I’m not sure that 100 scouts (yes, they do tend to shout rather than sing) will hear you play without plugging in. Of course, those nearest you will hear, and maybe that’s all you’ll need to get a song started.

I remember lots of very good times camping . . .
Are you looking for a reason to buy a Concert or tenor? The reason I ask is my higher end Sopranos are plenty loud. Some project better than others. I would say my Bushman and Kamaka sopranos project more than my Ohana concert. I really can't tell you want ukes project better than others. But I am sure others can. Maybe a solid wood would project more than a laminate. After convincing your wife watch UU marketplace for good deals.
if it's to play arround the fire, any uke would do the job.
I sometimes play for 7-8 mini devils running-screaming arround at my son's nursery and my Lanikai soprano is far enough to have fun with them.

Ukulele has a distinctive, middle-high, sound that do not have to be so powerfull to get through voices or even other much louder instruments.

for camping, I would though go for a flea or fluke in order not to risk any cracks due to evening humidity... If I had some extra bucks burning my hands, of course!! ;)
I am an eagle scout as well. I fondly remember many good times around the camp fire.

As for projecting sound, all things being equal the Soprano would be the best at being loudest without amplification. Think of it like a speaker. You need less power to drive your tweeters than your subs. But of course all things are not equal so personally I'd just stick with the size I'm most comfortable with. When it comes to ukulele's in general they are all on the higher end of the sound spectrum so my advice if you want a louder instrument is to look for a good solid top, put on heavier weight strings and play hard.
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With that many kids you might want to also consider a banjo-uke
Good idea Mike!

+1... even if with 100 screaming people there are few satisfying 100% acoustic solutions anyway...
Look at the Kala travel concert or tenor. Thin enough to fit in your pack (comes with nice gig bag). Arched back to project more. You may be able to find a good deal on used one, too. Hoosier has a good suggestion too. Check out his mainland banjo ukes. They look sweet.
Aloha Inner Prop,
Ahhh..... a cheap way to get more volume from your lanikai soprano is to throw on some Aqula's....Happy Stummings..MM Stan
Aloha Inner Prop,
Ahhh..... a cheap way to get more volume from your lanikai soprano is to throw on some Aqula's....Happy Stummings..MM Stan

Amen to the Aquilas
I'm an Eagle too (class of '83). Currently a Unit Commissioner.

Got Aquilas - check

In a way I am interested in different ukes. Like some one else said I like contrast, so I'm looking for something very different than my guitar shaped soprano Lanikai.

I thought, if a different size plays louder, great, that's a good reason to try a different uke.

I was thinking of a Fluke, for the durrability, I like the look of it, the friction tuners are different and I heard that they are very loud.

I've yet to find a place with very many different ukes around me, maybe some of you CHUGs can point me in the right direction. I'm sorry I missed the banjo-uke day gathering.

Banjo-uke would be very different, so it gets put on the list (and probably NOT replace my Lanikai because I would probably like them equally for different reasons/occasions which would never the twix shall meet). That's a new addition. I like.

Thanks for the responses.
Still involved -- that's great. I serve on my local committee and sit-in on several Board of Reviews. Haven't been to an Eagle Court of Honor for some time (I should find one and attend).

Your idea about a Fluke would make great sense because they are so durable, and produce good volume. You could even paint it (or have it painted) with the various scout emblems on the face. Or a camping scene. Or trees. Or whatever!
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First of all, thanks for your work with Scouting. I'm the Commissioner for the Far East Council in Okinawa, Japan. I take my Pineapple Flea soprano to campouts, and it's always a hit. Flea also makes a Campfire Soprano you may want to check out.
A Flea would be a great choice. They're loud an durable + they play and sound good.
Gee, and when I read the thread title, all I could think of was,"Wouldn't dryer lint make better tinder than a soprano uke?"

But now that I've read it, I'll agree that the Fluke/Flea bodies make for a truly durable, and LOUD ukulele.

Will you be able to hear it over 100 singing/shouting teenagers?

Fat Chance - but still worth having in the uke arsenal.


(I never went further than Webelo, but went to college with a couple of hundred Youth Agency Administration majors, the majority of whom were Eagle Scouts, at Salem College in Salem WV, in the late 1970s.)
* is impressed by population density of Eagle Scouts in this thread *

My brother-from-another-mother and my eXSigificantOther are both Eagle Scouts.

Neither play the ukulele at this point.
I use my soprano flea to lead the pre-K through 4th grade Sunday School kids at my church in singing and it works great. Of course, it's a fairly small group, and most of them are shy about singing out. Oh, and I'm an Eagle as well!
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