Soprano uke chord melody solo cover of Me And My Shadow, composed by Al Jolson in 1927


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Jul 25, 2022
Me And My Shadow (instrumental only, letting Yowling Tom do his thing) from the second-row seat of my car.
Lyrics penned by Billy Rose and Dave Dreyer, with soprano uke chords arranged by the ever-talented Jim Carrey:

[C]Shades of night are [Dm]falling [G7]and I‘m [C]lonely
[C]Standing [F]on the [Dm]corner [G7]feeling [C]blue
[Em]Sweethearts out for [Cm]fun, [Em]pass me one by [A7]one
[C] Guess I‘ll wind up [D7]like I always [G]do, with [D7}on- [G7]ly. . .

[C]Me and my [Fm]sha-[Dm]dow
[Dm7]Strolling down the [G7]ave- [C]nue [Dm], {G7]
Me and my [B7]sha- [Cdim]dow, [Am]not a soul to [Cm]tell our [B7]troubles [G]to [G7]
And [D7]when [G7]it‘s [C]twelve [Cdim]o‘[C]clock [C7], we
[F]Climb the stair, [Bb7]we [A7]never [Bbdim]knock, [A7]for
[D7]Nobody‘s [G7]there [Gaug] just
[C]Me and my [Fm]sha- [Dm]dow, all alone and feel-[G7]ing [C]blue.

Verse 2
When the sun sets on the far horizon,
And the parlor lamps begin to glow
Jim and Jack and John Put their slippers on.
They're all set but we're still on the go, so lone- ly.

Repeat Chorus
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