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Sep 30, 2013
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If you've been a Seasonista for more than a few months you know by now that you quickly feel growing friendships and a sense of community. In the past, we have celebrated certain Seasonistas and its time to celebrate Lesley. Many of us know Lesley Fowkes (barefootgypsy) and know what she has brought to the Seasons. Lesley is a dear friend to many of us. She is a bright light with a beaming smile. A joy of a human being. She has a great love for the uke, she is a blogger, and she loved to tap dance. Here is a blog post about how she and the uke came to be.

Watch this cute video she did for a past season. She was able to talk her husband into joining in and even though she is letting him steal the show you can see how wonderful she is.

Lesley Fowkes has fallen ill with MND/ALS and is now unable to do the things she loved to do. She no longer can tap dance or get around without assistance and she had a bad fall and has injured her fingers so she hasn't been able to play her ukulele lately (although she did say she might try and add a song or two this week if she can). She loves the George Formby style, and she is a talented songwriter as well as a ukulele player. I asked Lesley if she wanted to write a brief message explaining the story of her illness. She sent me this link to share her story.

What is MND/ALS?

I would like to dedicate this week to her and bring songs of encouragement and songs to uplift her spirits.

So this weeks assignment is to bring -

#1 – songs of encouragement, or happy and uplifting songs.
#2 – George Formby songs.
#3 – Any song that Lesley's has covered on her channel including her originals.

Lesley has two channels on youtube. Please check them out.
here are some originals from that channel

Here is another channel for her originals

Here is her blog dedicated to the ukulele.

Two Prizes-
#1 - Lesley is offering to send someone her green ukulele that she has used at her summer house! I have asked her to personalize it with her signed signature for you.


#2 - For every song we get this week I will donate $1 to her MNDA page that helps and supports the needs of those suffering. The MNDA has come to her aid in helping to make her home more accommodating. It also uses funds to help with research in hopes of one day finding a cure.

*Season starts Sunday, July 8th at 00:01 Hawaii time, and ends Sunday, July 15th at 12 PM.
*Comments wil be left on youtube as I get to them. I will add them to the playlist as we go.
*Ukulele prominent.
*Mention or list your entry is for SOTU 334

Let's not forget about SOTU333, Ylle's fantastic 3 theme that overlaps one day with this theme!

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Oh yes. Leslie, you are amazing, and I will be honored to participate this Season. Thank you Linda!
Linda and Lesley, what a wonderful season!
What a lovely way to honour Lesley and everything she has brought to the Seasons community - and a wonderful gesture of friendship, Linda. As a newbie here I’m beginning to understand how important this special little corner of the UU forum is to everybody that participates - and how the sense of community extends beyond the music. Thank you all!
Excellent idea Linda, and thanks Lesley for the music you’ve brought to the Seaons over the years.

For people (like me, with music knowledge really only extending back to the early 60’s and that from a very limited range of genres) who aren’t sure where to star with George Formby this might help get you going:
Thank You so much Andy for posting that link. I really appreciate all the help you all can give each other when the host goes missing.
I am looking forward to this season and what everyone brings for Lesley.
I know she will be listening too :)

Now, I need all of your help! I am having internet issues. It might be Monday before I am up and running again. I have been having to use my iPhone as a hotspot to get online and it's using up data. I don't want my absence to make you wonder where I am. Please post away and as soon as I am able I will start making comments on YT. Give each other a listen, a thumbs up, or a comment here on the thread. Support each other!

If you have questions or you need some direction just ask here on the thread and hopefully another seasonista will help in my absence.
It may appear that I am missing for a few days but I will do my best to get to you all. I promise!
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No surprise that you bring such a thoughtful and considerate theme to us Linda.
I don't know why things are as they are - I think on such things a lot.
I so often think of you and send you all the positive thoughts I can muster Lesley and this week it will be my pleasure to try and put some of those positive thoughts into song.
What a truly lovely idea for the week, Linda!
Lovely gesture Linda! We can all use songs of encouragement from time to time ~
Well, it appears the internet gods are with me tonight.
After literally days and hours on the phone I have a connection!
Hopefully I have no further issues but my provider is coming out tomorrow and could mess my luck up again.
Fingers crossed!

I am so happy to see this kind of support for Lesley coming from you all, but then I knew you all would be this caring and kind in her behalf.

This is why we come back every week...much love Lesley for all the smiles you have brought us and Linda, my hat is off. I am terrible at Formby style, but I know all his songs. Happy to give a few of them a go this week.
Don't worry about style anyone! Bring Formby your way. If you are intimidated by GF then bring some encouragement.

Put a smile on Lesley's face and you've done your job :D
This is a fantastic theme Linda. Lesley's one of a kind.
As a newcomer here I don't know Lesley but I've looked and listened to some of her covers and originals this afternoon.One song that came to my mind in describing her was "Young at heart".I think it's a good match for her.Thanks Linda for the kind hearted theme.And best wishes to you Lesley.

Here's another.I always thought this was called "Let me be a little kinder' and that it was written by Roger Miller.Turns out it's called "Less of me" and was written by Glen Campbell. My Dad always used to whistle it. It has a good positive message.

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