SOTU 334 Songs For Lesley (barefootgypsy)


Awesome pics and vids, not to mention the efforts of all involved. Congrats to the winners! Thanks Linda for hosting such a great week.

Thank you, Linda, Trent, Pa, Kevin, Del, Lynda, Val, Sir John and Gina.

It was quite a season and I appreciate the kind comments :)
Linda you really went the long and winding road this week.
It was beautiful. Thank you for making it the week of
tribute, reflection and encouragement the celebration it was.
I feel honoured and humbled to be recognised.
Joo and I will treasure Lesley's uke.
Lesley, thank you for being the person and writer you are;
you inspire us through music and your attitude to this ol life.
Such a warm and wonderful job of hosting, Linda! It was a Season that we all took away something to treasure as a prize. It sounds trite, but it's true: We all were winners! The grandest prize was reading Lesley's reactions, and knowing that we all helped lift her spirits in such a Seasons' Community way. Congrats to Jon and Christopher, and much love to our singing and dancing, barefooted gypsy! - Dennis & Evelyn
Thank You, Jon and Dennis. I'm glad it meant as much to you all as it did to me. Doing this for Leslie was such a wonderful experience.
Dear Seasonista friends, I'm just popping up here to add a couple of things, with your indulgence...

I'm sorry I haven't replied and acknowledged each personal comment and good wish on the thread, there's just no way I can do that, I do hope you understand... but I read and treasured each one! I've done most stuff on my phone, I'm up here on my computer more rarely these days...

The other thing is, I beg you, please please don't delete your videos, especially before I've both watched and commented... I vowed at the beginning to watch every video posted here to cheer me right through to the end, and post a comment on youtube... I think I'm nearly there but several vids have been deleted and I don't know whether I saw them first.... I've watched in rather a haphazard way, I know, a few in a string get missed because I get interrupted... but I want to watch and enjoy every single one and express my appreciation! You have all done more for me than you can know, believe me. I don't want anyone to think that I haven't bothered with their video... it's not the case.

Long live the Seasons and the wonderful uke-lovers who keep them going!
I'm a winner too!
Lesley sent me her little white uke that she won during pabrizzer's songwriting thread. She took the LWU and had it signed by some very big names in the uke world.
Jake Shimabukuru
James Hill
Aaron Keim
Manitoba Hal Brolund
Sarah Maisel
Craig Chee
Peter Moss
Ukulele Bartt
Mike Hind
Phil Doleman
Ben Rouse
Mike Warren
Michael Adcock
Herb Otah (I think....)
Dave Morgan (who built Lesley's favorite ukes!)

Thank you so very much, Lesley. I adore this uke and will always cherish it. You are too kind my friend! ❤️

What a gorgeous tribute to you both, Lesley and Linda! This uke remains in loving hands that will cherish the road it has travelled! Thank you both again for this wonderful Season of love, light and music. Linda :)
Thank you, Linda. I appreciate your kind words.

John and Christopher,

If you want to add a song with the instruments you've received as your winning prizes for this season, I would love that :)
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