SOTU 334 Songs For Lesley (barefootgypsy)

A strange mixture of the sacred and the profane.
I watched Lesley playing while her husband sang "All of me"
She was smiling and laughing and glancing towards her husband

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.

An I thought it good that she has someone to love and care for her
So I decided to sing Love is... which is from 1st Corinthians 13

Religious sentiments may not sit well with certain folks on the forum
so let me just say that while I was singing it I was thinking about the
looks between Lesley and her husband when they were enjoying each other,
and since she loved dancing I found some old footage that she might enjoy.

What a misplaced mish mash... but it all made perfect sense in my head when I put it all together,
and hopefully the spirit of it gives some life.

This is not the "Joy, Joy, Joy" song you think it is. This one was written by Jim Lauderdale and Robert Hunter, and performed by Lauderdale and Ralph Stanley. I've been wanting to try it, so now's a great time.

Something VERY special here!

Everything Is Magical - Jeremy Messersmith

This is from his 2017 album "11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs For Ukulele: A Micro Folk Record For The 21st Century And Beyond" which is an absolute treasure. I hope this warms your heart.

It certainly pleased my ear and warmed my heart! Thank you!
This is a song that never fails to cheer me up when I hear it - ‘Daydream Believer’ by The Monkees:

Linda, you swiped one i had in mind! No problem, of course!

Saturday was the 77th birthday of Sir Richard Starkey. His message of Peace and Love is appropriate for this season, and always, I think.

Life can be so cruel sometimes but the Important thing is to crack on and deal with the cards we've been dealt. I don't do the sympathy or sadness thing so I'll try and bring something light to the season later in the week.
I seem to associate Lesley with UkeyDave, probably because of this encounter.........

thanks so much for posting that - wonderful to re-visit that lovely moment!
Here's a David Allan Coe song from the late 70's with a bit of a Motown feel to it I've been wanting to try. Not an easy song to pull off though. I could have done a lot more takes and maybe gotten it a little better, but I kept this one instead.

Hey LL and Sznisters and esp our sweet Lesley. I'll have to wait till last minute next Sunday to join in the fun as I'm on Holiday with no useful video technology. I'm going to spend some time with some of barefootgypsy's vids - definitely have been missing your videos and positivity! Sending good thoughts your way

All the best-

: )
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Looking forward to that Brian (UkeFoote). Have a great time in Hawaii!

Hey LL and Sznisters and esp our sweet Lindsey.


Hey Linda Louden and Seasonistas and especially our sweet Lesley!

How'd I do???
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Words can not express the fondness I have for you Lesley. You are a lovely lady through and through. You were there with encouraging words for me day after day when I was in dire need of them. I am a half a world away from you but my heart is right there with you as yours was with me. Love you lots.

What a great day this has been. I appreciate everyone that has jumped on board to make this week special for Lesley. This has been a big weekend for her. Her daughter has moved to be there to help her and Martin out. She too is having internet problems but says she will try and watch from her phone until she is up and running again.

Today brought in 27 songs so far. Every one of them is really great! Several originals, several covers from Lesley's originals, and loads of heartfelt and happy songs! I really loved that Mark shared the video of ukeydave and Lesley (barefootgypsy) on the park bench. For those of you that don't know ukeydave, we lost him a few years back. What a shock that was. So unexpected! Myrna has also put one on the island that I hope shows up here. I think it is appropriate for those memories to be here!

I have added the picture of the Green Summerhouse uke to the OP. Someone is going to be happy to have that!

The messages that I continually get from Lesley are so sweet. She feels very grateful to all of you for doing this in her behalf. She is so humbled by this gesture and says she doesnt feel worthy of such attention. But, if there is anyone that deserves this kind of outpooring of love, it is her!

Lesley, we all love you!
I suspect that many of the Seasonistas harbor a similar sentiment, and Randy Newman always makes me smile. I hope this does the same for you Lesley.

I did this Webb Pierce song awhile back, but I've been wanting to do it again. I adore it.

i hesitate to bring one of my own super simple, very humble homemade songs, for lesley, after having just immersed myself in her own amazing songwriting talent... but what can i say, i am what i am, and this is what it is, and it can't be helped!

Another one for you Lesley, and that smile of yours.

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