SOTU 554 "Swayin' to the tempo of a squeezebox melody" Songs About Instruments

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Aug 25, 2009
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SOTU 554 "Swayin' to the tempo of a squeezebox melody" songs about instruments

First, I'd like to thank Sabine (AKA Ms. Bean or Uke & flute) for graciously agreeing to switch seasons with me when Maggie and I were gifted tickets to see Hamlet in Stratford, Ontario and had to be away for three days.

I'd love to hear some songs that mention instruments, or even better, songs about instruments. This can be any instrument, not necessarily a ukulele, and as long as the name of an instrument appears in the song, you're legal.
Most of the rest of the week’s parameters most of you are familiar with (Sorry 'bout the preposition).
  • The video must be newly recorded for this Season. (Rob may submit earlier recordings.)
  • The video must say that it is for SOTU 554
  • The ukulele must be prominent. Other instruments, collaborations, etc. are welcome. . .
  • Original songs are always encouraged. Posting the lyrics of originals would be cool.
  • The Season begins on Sunday, September 25 and ends at midnight Hawaiian time on Sunday, October 2.
  • There is no limit to the number of videos you can submit.
  • Please do not post commercial videos done by others (professionals) even if they are on topic. Only homemade videos with ukuleles featured.

Now let's see if I recall how to post a playlist:

We still have till Sunday midnight Hawaiian time to submit a song to Sabine's SOTU 553 International Day Calendar.​

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Great idea for a theme, Jim! Trusting that you are OK, with the devastation that Hurricane Fiona seems to have wrought ... hoping that it hasn't reached you!
Well, I think we should start with this one, don't you? 😉

An original song about my favorite instrument.

Wow! I dragged myself outa bed at 6:00 AM and find four songs posted already. I mighta guessed that we'd have at least one version of George Harrison's iconic song, but two already. Thanks Graham & Charley,
And Wendy started us off with a wonderfully erotic original number about a ukulele - in case you weren't aware of what a sexy instrument we all play.
Thanks to John for a super song about fallen angels playing Hank on their harps. What an image that is.
And while I was typing this, Rob gave us a unique take on Stephen Foster's Oh Susanna played on a lovely fleur de lis cigar box ukulele.

That gives us two guitars, a ukulele, a harp and a banjer.
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Modern pianos are magical.... you can even make them sound like a ukulele... but it is even more magical to make a ukulele sound like a piano.

If you wanna borrow my piano
That would be okay
It's really very portable
I can't play it anyway
It has these built in rhythms
To help you keep the beat
And it can sound like an organ
Which I think is pretty neat
( instrumental )
So if you want to borrow my piano
Just say the word
You could get some sweet sounds
From what I've heard
You are the keyboard wizard
You could really put on a show
One of these days I'm gonna be just like you
But right now this is all I know
I've been having a clear out this weekend and I've rescued so many shelves and cupboards, so this seemed appropriate. I have so much space for more ukuleles now. Also I don't usually have access to a car, but I rented one to take stuff to the tip and there does seem to be a requirement that if you play ukulele you have to record a video in a car at some point, so I thought I'd take the chance to get that one out of the way, and squeeze a reference to it into the lyrics.

Sunglasses don't seem to help me be able to play like Bob King. There must be another trick to it.

Great idea for a theme, Jim! Trusting that you are OK, with the devastation that Hurricane Fiona seems to have wrought ... hoping that it hasn't reached you!
I guess Jim didn’t see this, but I can assure you he is hundreds of miles from the hurricane zone.
Thanks for asking Val. FIONA is on the east coast of Canada. We just got a message from our grand daughter Lila in St. John's Newfoundland . The wrath of Fiona seems to be more on the west coast of Newfoundland and Port-Aux-Basques was hit very hard. St. John's was spared.
Our nephew Graeme in Halifax lost a few trees and some shingles, but says that the damage to his property was relatively minor.
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It's getting close to bed time here in Southern Ontario, so I'll post the score for the day.
-We had another PaOriginal from Brian that features a warning to Little David to not play on his harp.
-Rob borrowed a song from Extra Cheese and made his ukulele imitate a piano.
-Edwin is making room for an addition to his ukulele arsenal.
-Alan showed us that you don't have to limit yourself to 2 chords per measure as he played and sang about a Ukulele Dream Girl.

The score so far (I'll include my intro video, even though it was half a day early)
-Ukuleles - 4
-Guitars - 2
-Harps - 2
-Piano - 1
-Banjo - 1

What? No mandolins? I can't go to bed yet.
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