SOTU 589 - Wedding Bells

Here's another one for the "Something Blue" category. I heard a couple of versions of this via the reddit ukulele forum and decided it would be fun to play, then I noticed it fit for this season, so here we go.

It's a folk song from the 80s. At least, it is the way I do it. I am no Andy Bell.

Over the 11+ years of the Seasons, I've previously done 10 different songs with "blue" in the title (and did "Mr. Blue Sky" twice), and I'm gradually depleting the list of ones I'd like to do. So I leapt at the chance to play this Who song when Ukefoote decided not to. Thanks, Brian! The take before this one ended when I sang "none of my pain and woe can throw shoe."

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I opted for some old ones.

I was going to pick one of the leftover songs from the old repositories, but I suddenly felt the pull of Dowland. So, I picked two pieces from Tony Mizen's excellent book From Lute to Uke, Early Music for Ukulele.

Well, as I write this it is a little after 5 pm in Hawaii, and the playlist has 77 songs. There are still a few hours for anyone with a video they want to get in for this season. It’s been a good week, with lots of really cool songs and great performances. I’m going to turn in for the night, but I’ll try to give everything one more listen tomorrow and get a wrap up posted in the next couple of days. If I’ve missed putting anyone’s video on the playlist please let me know!
Here's one last "something blue" for the playlist, another perennial favorite of mine. As with most things Allan Sherman (the "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" guy, you may recognize the tune ... and, like my previous Allan Sherman submission earlier this week, it's "something old".

Verandah Jam, day 4.

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I looked up old hit songs from 1923 and found this gem from Gus Kahn and Isham Jones.

The lyrics do mention "When the moon is on the rise, honey I'm so blue."

Though I only had enough musical energy this week to learn a short instrumental version...

Wow! Last week we had 79 videos by 39 Seasonistas, by my count. I had so much fun hearing everyone’s “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” and all the stories that went with them.

I said I would pick 6 that stood out to me and a die to decide on a winner of the wall hanging, but there were so many that stood out! I also have a 10-sided die, so I picked ten. They are, in no particular order:

1. Del Griffith - In My Dream
2. Uke4ia - Behind Blue Eyes
3. TCK - Mr. Blue (by Yazoo)
4. Mountain Goat - Sunday
5. Good_Uke_Boy - What a Wonderful World
6. Joo - Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me
7. Uke Foote - Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
8. JP888then - Streets of Laredo
9. LSamuels 222 - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
10. Baconsalad - Tangled Up in Blue
And the winner is Uke4ia, ladies and gentlemen.

Shoutout also to JT Steam, UkeCan1, and Pabrizzer, who all “completed the set” of four, entering at least 1 video that fit each of the 4 categories for the week.

Thank you everyone who shared videos this week!