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I haven't looked, but I take it the chances of finding a public domain song in the charts are pretty slim. So I bring you an original. It has a line 'Don't let a single fruit be forgot', and it also mentions 100g of watermelon and 100 apple pies.
Thanks for hosting, Graham!

Outrageous use of forum pixels!!:)
A Scotsman speaking well of any English sporting achievement is outrageous... usually we want England to reach the football world cup final and then to loose to Germany on penalties 😅😆😂
As I mentioned to Rob a short while ago I do NOT want an international incident occurring during my first season as a host. Is that clear enough for you lot or do I have to do some head banging. Now there's a thought, heavy metal from the early 70s anyone ?
I haven't looked, but I take it the chances of finding a public domain song in the charts are pretty slim.
One that springs to mind is "Sloop John B"... quite a hard thing to search for, so I wonder if there are others? There's surely one or two more...

Edited to add: I've found a couple of others. One of them particularly surprised me... but I'll leave the digging to others :).
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today at the library a girl told me she combs her hair 100 times a day. not 99 times, not 101 times. 100 times.
i came home and wrote this songlet.

Lyrics :
No one wants to live on floor 13.
If you break something around the house it's best to break 2 more things.
When you've failed twice you will get it right on the third attempt.
Lighting 3 cigarettes with a single match will lead to death.
Counting the number of warts on your body and revealing the number to a stranger will cause the warts to go away.
Combing your hair 100 times will make you beautiful.

God took 7 days to create the world.
God took 7 days to create the world.
God took 7 days to create the world.
God took 7 days to create the world.

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Hello again, Graham ... I seem to have made an unexpected return! Having been shopping, it was too hot to do what I was intending to do, so I decided to record another song ... featuring my left knee as requested. (How kinky is THAT???) I DO apologise for the quality of the video - it was too hot to film outside, but I didn't realise how dark it was in the kitchen till I'd finished recording. I didn't have time to re-do it. However, I bring you MY LEFT KNEE ....

P.S. I left that woman with the whistle out in the garden ... she's FAR too noisy for indoors!
This one has been in the charts 4 or 5 different times. It is eligible this week through Jody Miller's 1965 Billboard appearance. Most know it from Linda Ronstadt's version a few years later.
edit. .I just noticed that watercolour visible on the bottom right of frame is Wangi Falls in the Northern Territory. I went swimming there like many do. It is supposed to be croc free. On the news yesterday some poor bloke just got attacked by a croc there. Those darn crocs are on the move!
I haven't looked, but I take it the chances of finding a public domain song in the charts are pretty slim.
"I'm Henry VIII, I Am" is one. I did it, but go for it. You can't have too many Henrys!
I'm back for my second Season! For my first season last week, I just videoed myself on my phone. This time I used more technology. I used my phone to take video, but I used a separate microphone to record the vocals. Then, I figured out how to add a second harmony track and synch the audio to the video with iMovie.

I was pulling my hair out with some of the technical problems, but now that I've figured it out --- this is fun! Next, I need to figure out how to do the cool video in a video effect so you can see me harmonizing with myself.

John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" peaked on Billboard's Hot 100 at #2 in 1971.

I had ten minutes between appointments today for Verandah Jam day 40. This song was perfect because:

  • It debuted on the Billboard chart on my birthday in 1965 and went on to #1
  • It's familiar and easy to shorten, and I had a chart for it
  • I had just come home from signing the lease on my new home, and I need HELP! ... moving!!!

Today I'll be reaching out to local friends for that help.

This was the fourth Beatles #1 hit of six consecutive singles. I made it super short to make up for the two I did that went over.

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When searching through my back catalogue for short songs I came across Gimme that Salad
It is perhaps the only time I put on a James Brown voice. It does not fit any of the criteria, but it is the first stop motion I ever did, and it is summer salad season and it is good for a laugh... I hope it at least brings a smile to your face.
This got to No3 on the Billboard chart in 1972 for Hurricane Smith. Before that, he was plain Norman Smith, engineer on all of the early Beatles recordings up to "Rubber Soul", and then producer of the first few Pink Floyd albums.
Why did I pick this one? This was an ear-worm for me last week after the 45 turned up in a charity shop I volunteer in. If it is still there next week, I will give it a good home.

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