SOTU 599: THE Week

I happened to go crabbin' at the coast with my family yesterday! While I was sittin' on the dock of the bay, I decided I wanted to record (Sittin' On) The Dock Of the Bay for this SOTU as well!

Then I changed my mind quickly because the sheet music was too difficult to bang out a sight reading performance without more practice :D I went with Bowie's "The Man Who Stole the World" and recorded it on my iphone, but I blew the speakers out and there were motorboats in the background anyway.

So I decided to re-record again today after work, and luckily Tigre's sister Nala was of assistance and helped. No singing from my partner today as they are working a long shift!

Thanks for hosting, Joko! :)

A songwriting collaboration from FAWM 50/90 that happily also fits the theme here! I wrote the music to Rainee’s lyrics. The challenge was to write a song from the point of view of an inanimate object.

Did you know that was titled "The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle"? Neither did I!

This is for Andrew, who commented that I always commit fully to the silly. Well, if anyone doubts that, this should convince you!

I'm including the previous take, which was not nearly as clean, but has kookaburras, which are amazing. It's worth listening to the first little bit for them, but I'm much better in the first video.

Why do I keep picking these songs with 4 key changes?!

Verandah 2 Jam day 21.

Thanks for THE theme, Joko!
There is a Joe Cocker vibe circulating in the UU Forums right now. Even though I am a fan of Alex Chilton and The Boxtops, I did this famous song in (an approximation of) the Mad Dogs and Englishmen touring band style.

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And hello YET AGAIN, Joko! There are so many things I should be doing, which is why, of course, I decided to abandon them all to sing a song in the sunshine. I rather like this song, which I discovered last year ... and I DO keep telling myself at the moment that "everything will be alright," so I suppose this counts as a sort of personal "pep talk!"

The song is now on YouTube 🤣
I think it might be one to try and learn to add to my repertoire.
ALthough I haven't listened to them all and commented yet, I have blitzed through my Tuesday's entries to update the Playlist. Unlike most times when I host, I think I got everybody so far.
Excellent version! It started life as a British marching song before being picked up by American troops during the Civil War. I think these girls are/were known as The Goodbye Girls, appropriately enough.

Nice video! I liked it when they kicked into those harmony vocals and when that banjo player lays down the solo towards the end. The little kid with her ukulele is mighty cute, too.
Carmen's Uncle Paco died on Saturday and the funeral was on Sunday. He had contracted Alzheimer's Disease about a year ago and went into an incredibly rapid decline about three months ago. So he is the inspiration behind this song about an everyman, like Paco was himself, touched by this terrible disease.

I normally say "I hope you like the song", but like is not perhaps appropriate here. I hope it touches you, perhaps.

Wendy said at the Seasonista open mic that with this theme, someone needed to play a song by The The. So I Googled "the the the sinking feeling lyrics".

The ballad of Barry and Freda by Victoria Wood. A conversation between a husband and wife about desire or the lack of it. In my opinion a brilliant bit of comedy writing... with more than a smidgen of truth... and I hope the whimsical nature of the song brightens up your day.
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