SOTU 604 - Love & Heartbreak


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May 19, 2021
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Hi all,

Slight apologies for not being around as much the past couple of weeks. My gf threw out her back and I've been scrambling a lot. But that's neither here nor there. For this upcoming season of music, I want you all to bring me love songs. Apparently, I'm a sucker for them as I've gotten older.

It doesn't have to have the words "love" in it and it's more about the intention. There's a whole bunch of different kinds of love as well, according to the Greeks.

If you're not in that type of headspace, I'm also a big fan of songs about heartbreak / breakups / obsession / unrequited love. It's the other side of the same coin, but I'm also a sucker for those as well.

The rules this week are:
  • Make sure your video says somewhere that it's for season 604
  • Ukulele must be prominent, but otherwise big productions with other instruments are fine
  • The season runs from Sunday, 10 Sept to Sunday 17 Sept (8 full days) Hawaiian time. This means you can start posting in just under 12 hours from writing this opening post.
  • Collaborations and originals are very welcome.
  • Limit 2 songs per day. The only reason is that there's a million songs that will be eligible for the season and I know that some of you are capable of knocking out 6 tunes a day!
Also, please listen to the other submissions. Thoughts & comments are also encouraged, but not required. :)

Side note, the clock is ticking for the current season (603), so speed on over there and post your songs!

SOTU 604 - Love & Heartbreak
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heartbreak department here.
Although the protagonist wants to transcend the heartache and be set free like a butterfly.

A song by Big Thief.
My bari uke is tuned to open D.
Thanks for hosting, Arvin.

I sang and played this as quietly as i could because i didnt wanna wake up the person in the next room.
And, hello again, Arvin ... thank you for hosting. Your theme allows for numerous possibilities and I'm not quite sure why I chose this song; the only certainty is that if I am aspiring to be a "torch singer," like the great Ruth Etting, I probably need to get myself a new battery! I am not quite sure where this comes on the Love/Heartbreak scale ... it seems that this woman is negotiating terms and, if things don't go her way, there will definitely be heartache.

Hi Arvin, thanks for hosting! There's so many love songs out there so plenty to choose from this week. To be honest, not many of them are among my favourite songs, but this one by The Beautiful South is even if it's more of a breakup song. I might have gone a teensy bit over the top with the overdubs, but I don't care because The Steamers wanted to be involved and I think they had fun with it.

Thanks for hosting, Arvin! Here‘s a Sam Cooke classic I haven’t tackled in awhile (stealing the ending from Cat Stevens’ cover … ).

I'll have to catch-up and make the playlist later after I get out of a comedy show.
Hi there! 😊
I learned and recorded this for season 603, but it also fits perfectly with this theme as well. 😊
This is a collab with myself on voice and ukulele and our friend, Jon. He added in some beautiful instrumental layers.
Thank you so much! ✨🩵
Playlist is posted and I'm all caught up with all your submissions. I'm truly digging what you all have brought so far and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
I just went back to reread your initial post Arvin and when I took a quick glance I read, "Slight apologies for not being around as much the past couple of weeks. My gf threw me out. . . " I said to myself, "Oh. I see why Arvin called this Season Love & Heartbreak.
Thank goodness that "me" was just in my imagination.
I hope she's feeling better.

Whatever happened to you
Whatever happened to us
We missed the proverbial boat
The plane and train and the bus
Push came to shove and we fell out of love
We tore each other apart
Love is grand but I can't understand
Why you broke my proverbial heart
We used to be in love but now we are in hate
You used to say I came too early
But it was you who came too late
Boy meets girl and they give it a whirl
And the very next thing you know
She thinks he's nuts and he hates her guts
Then the bad blood starts to flow
Well it sounds like sour grapes
And that's just what it is
Gonna get me a subscription to Argosy
And I'll get me a subscription to Ms
That's a whole lot of crap
About a tender trap
What it is is a suicide snare
All I want to do, is to forget you
And our lousy love affair
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