SOTU 605 - Gold In Them Hills

I am about to start work at the library.
Stop by here to have a quick check and am stoked to find more songs!
Makes me happy that some of you who have never heard of RS are getting into his songs. They are great aren't they?
And 2 Get In Line by Ron!! That one is great to play and sing!!!
I sing that when I feel i need a lift. Some of his songs are good like that. Actually a lot of them are.

OK, i have added all songs to the playlist but there are some that came in overnight I am looking forward to listen and comment!

This is going to be a good day.
Hope everyone is doing and feeling OK wherever you are.

PS. I am surprising myself for being much better at managing my time...thinking I might increase the limit to 8 songs per person...
Will wait and see the response later today and decide!
I think on Ron's cover site the most covered artist may be Warren Zevon. Just goes to show Ron's good taste. This is there. One of the last ones Warren wrote when he knew he was on the way out.
(I was going to give Love emoji to all RS covers and Thumbs Up to other people's songs but that is soooo childish, right? Well...I think I am quite childish... I have fixed that now. :---))
I bet if you did it and didn't say anything, no one woulda really noticed. Maybe if you did and someone boldly called you out, they could get a prize!? 😁 mini games within the Seasons threads... Maybe an idea for a future host to keep keen observers on their toes.
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Shoot. After a day in this rabbit hole, it looks like I am going to play, and also listen. Enjoying this guys output immensely. Anyway, I had heard him do this song, which has been one I have been holding on to for so many reasons…
[TCKRULE] I have a dear online friend I will likely never meet in person. He is very cool and we share a love of a common band, Overwhelming Colorfast. Being from the bay area, I am closer to them than he is, and their lead singer is a long time friend. We swap stories back and forth, talk about music, and he has even sent me some cool mementos for my music collection (show used picks from Steve Earle). Our conversations lead to his brother, who was a great musician (my friend is as well, and his new band Heartsleeves covers one of my favorite songs of the early nineties, Hate by Olivelawn…cannot find the original anywhere) and has sadly passed. He was a roadie, a bass player, and guitar tech for so many bands, including the aforementioned Steve Earle, but more importantly The Replacements (for our story here). My friend asked me if I was into them and I said I had to investigate because a life of punk did not lead me to Minnesota, or bands from there (Husker Du being the other one and man I love Bob now). They were very strange to me as a kid. He sent me “Treatment Bound, a tribute to the Replacements” which is hands down the best ukulele record I have ever heard, and well, I am a fan of the Replacements now as well (also thanks to JTE…RIP).
So Paul from the Replacements- when I listen to him, I hear so much Ray Davies influence, and that makes me really happy because I have always LOVED the Kinks, this song especially makes me think Paul listened to it over and over- maybe he did, maybe he did not. But boy is it a great song that made me think about my friend and a bunch of other things. [/TCK RULE]
This should probably be an anthem here- it sums up exactly how I feel about this space we have made.
This Is Where I Belong.
I bet if you did it and didn't say anything, no one woulda really noticed. Maybe if you did and someone boldly called you out, they could get a prize!? 😁 mini games within the Seasons threads... Maybe an idea for a future host to keep keen observers on their toes.
it's scary, Chris. I notice almost E V E R Y detail in a video, or thing I see. Sometimes I get tired from looking.
I thought there must be other people who see these things too. hahahaha

i am just childish. Period.
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Day 2, part 1:

AlanDP - Apparently Au Pair (Ron Sexsmith)

aww I love this so much. The whole of the Hermitage album is great. Just gorgeous songs one after another! Val did one from that album too. Your vocal is so good here. Stunning cover, Alan! (thanks for showing me your cluttered bookshelf again, LOL. I thought you had tidied up all this while! So it was just the camera angle...tsk tsk tsk)

UkerDrew - The Book Of Love (The Magnetic Fields)
i heard that gentle brushing on your Guy Clark cover (I think it was) and thought it was a dog nearby scratching itself....I LOVE IT. Is it deliberate? This is to me, a master at work! Looks so simple what you are doing, but it sounds so complete and stunning. The choice of a guitalele is great i think. Full, warm, deep sounds that provide the mood for this lovely song. Thanks, Andrew!

ukukeguy - Get In Line (Ron Sexsmith)
love this! The melodica and that beat you got going there, so, SO lovely! I wish more people can hear this! Thanks Robert! So thrilled to know you are a big RS fan too!

TCK - Get In Line (Ron Sexsmith)
I love this too! Argh! Makes this old auntie here very happy! 2 Get In Line back to back? Enjoyed Robert's big time, and yours...Dave, so full of something-very-real-and-honest-and-special-and-down-to-earth-and-I-dunno-how-to-describe-except-smile kind of goodness. Thank you so much for making today happier and brighter!

ukukeguy - With A Girl Like You (Neil Innes)
i don't get the pun part, Robert, but I enjoyed this! I never heard this before. It is all BS isn't it, what the guy is saying? :---P Anyway, I like the 8 strings and that melody picking you did, but most of all your singing! I have not listened to RS's cover of this, but it sounds like something he would do well. Actually, he can cover everything superbly!

Flatbaroque - Keep Me In Your Heart For Awhile (Warren Zevon)
the lyrics...makes me shed tears thinking how Zevon must be feeling when he wrote and sang this song. What a beautiful, moving version you have done here. Thanks so much for this, John!

TCK - This Is Where I Belong (The Kinks)
sometimes in hotel rooms or in a foreign country/place and feeling sorta out of place and lonely, i find hearing the songs sung by a familiar voice very comforting. I was listening to this with my eyes closed and a sudden thought came to my mind - this is what I will love to hear when I am feeling out of place or lonely(not that I always feel that way)! Thanks for sharing that lovely little story, Dave, and singing this song for us!

I just want to add that I am fine (happy, actually!) with the same song being covered more than once here! Just play whichever song you wanna play.
it's scary, Chris. I notice almost E V E R Y detail in a video, or thing I see. Sometimes I get tired from looking.
I thought there must be other people who see these things too. hahahaha

i am just childish. Period.
I might have to start hiding things in Seasons posts and videos... little easter eggs, just for fun.

If you're in dark theme...:ninja: 🖤 🫥
Or normal themes... 🤍 👻 🩲
I first saw Ron singing Secret Heart on Jools Holland’s prog many years ago. I thought, that’s a pretty tune, I like that a lot, and then thought no more about him for several years until I saw his album Blue Boy, in a shop and thought the cover painting ( which is by Ron himself) looked interesting. Luckily it’s a great album and I’ve loved Ron’s music since. I’ve been lucky enough to see him twice, once with his band, and earlier this year just him, his piano and his guitar. Wonderful performer who has so many fantastic songs and a sweet understated rapport with his audience. This, like Gold In Them Hills is from Cobblestone Runway. This was the first one I thought of playing as soon as you gave us the theme Joo.
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And because this one started it all off, so best have another Secret Heart
sometimes we play a song that needs us to remove all the masks ( and whatever pretending we are doing for whatever reason), and just be bare and sing from the heart. That was very beautifully done, John.

Great haircut!
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Day 2, part 2

wee_ginga_yin - Heart With No Companion (Leonard Cohen)

I feel this a lot. A lot lot. Thank you for sharing!

One Man And His Uke - Disappearing Act (Ron Sexsmith)
You make this look so easy John. Such beautiful melodies he wrote, right? Words too. I actually find his songs not so easy to sing. He has all these changes in the melody that are very lovely. It's pure beauty in song. Beautiful cover from you!

pabrizzer - He Gives Us All His Love (Randy Newman)
Wow. This version is goosebumps stunning. Love the deep sounds of your guitalele for this. And your voice.

One Man And His Uke - Secret Heart (Ron Sexsmith)
this was the first RS song I heard too. A long time friend, after some years of estrangement, bumped into me one day, reached into his bag and pulled out the CD this song was on, put it in my hand, and said : "been wanting to give this to you. listen to this song, and the words." We continued our separate ways. It took me some time for the song and the album to grow on me. This is beautiful, John.

Thanks for all the songs guys.
Each one so beautifully played and sung. Each one very moving.
If you have not listened to these, please check them out.

Looking forward to what I may find on this thread tomorrow!
Thanks for hosting, Joo, and introducing me to RS! His music is so touching and sweet. As I was listening to dozens of his songs last night, trying to figure out one to cover for this week and one to share with my auntie for her husband who is battling cancer, I was inspired to bust out my journal and pen to write my first song on the 'ukulele to submit for this season!

I have mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety, nervousness, pride, shame... the whole swirling yin and yang that might come with sharing your first song with the world... especially with some amazing seasoned songwriting Seasonistas who submit inspiring originals multiple times a week!! I know you'll all be kind, welcoming, and supportive, but those emotions are what they are and they're good to feel!!

Anyways.. I'm blabbering. Here's the lyrics to...

'Green Grass'

One hand on the wheel in the fog
& even though we can't see the road ahead
The love electric in your hand holding mine
Silent navigator, telling us where to go

Golden grass turns green again
with just a little bit of sun and rain

Even though the grass might be greener on
our side of the street
Golden grass has roots beneath the soil
Just needs some sun and

Golden grass turns green again
with just a little bit of sun and rain

The lyrics came to me as we're currently visiting California (the Golden State) from Washington (the Evergreen State), and more likely than not going to move back here soon. It's where my wife's from, where her family is, and where I spent most of my adult life. The first verse speaks of the comfort in driving through the San Francisco famous fog (they even named it, "Karl the Fog"), and even though we don't know our future, we know we're headed the right direction.

The hills of California (especially in the East Bay) are golden most of the year. Aside from the gold in the hills (inspired by RS and the CA gold rush), the hills are always covered in this golden grass. Outsiders might see it as dead, but if you've lived here you know it's beauty. But still, the spring is my favorite season down here, when the slightest bit of rain turns those hills a beautiful green. When they sky is blue and the puffy clouds are out, it always reminds me of a scene from Super Mario.

Anyways, the rest of song kinda speaks to that dormant beauty, the metaphor of going from green to gold, and things being strong and alive with a confident optimism that it'll be all good.

Hi Joo! Thanks for hosting! I'm ashamed to say I don't know much Ron Sexsmith, other than Secret Heart and (it turns out) the title song of this theme. Probably some others that I'll rediscover when listening. I've certainly enjoyed digging into his back catalogue today.

Anyway, since I don't really know any yet well enough to do myself, here's a Tim Hardin song he covered on an intriguing looking compilation album "Bleecker Street - Greenwich Village in the 1960s". Just me and my new favourite Enya tenor...

I put my laptop and mic in a room with a more interesting background this week :). Welcome to my living room, sorry about the clutter...

If I get around to posting another one this week, it will be one of Ron's, I promise! The covers album, incidentally, is this one: