SOTU 605 - Gold In Them Hills

I was certainly not trying to be mean spirited towards anyone with my poem. I was just expressing a personal opinion illustrating how one person's tofu is another's poison. 😘
I know! I think me went bit too tough on you! 😅
I have probably been subscribed to Ron's "Rawnboy" channel on Youtube for almost as long as I have been on there myself and Joo has already done a version of Material Girl, so here's my version of Kirsty MacColl's They Don't Know, which I worked out the chords for when it originally came out, as there were no such things as chord or tab sites and it usually meant sending off through the post for sheet music, being a small-town boy. 😁

oh no everyone has abandoned this thread! (except Kirsty "Robert" MacColl. :love::love::love:
What an absolute delight to see and hear you, Robert!!! Thank you so much!)

Since most people have left the party now, except for Kirsty and me (and a few other VIPs currently smoking at the back room,
it is a perfect excuse to belt out another song!

An original that i suppose can be placed under
Good Spirited and Life Affirming Songs!

WOrds :
The Light Man Song (2015)
Sandy had a miscarriage
Their names were Pete and Josh
Kaile never met his folks
They didn't want to see him
LingLi was crying at the police station
They said it was her fault for dressing up like a slut

Ryan lost his pinky
Someone screwed up the setting
Kim returned the stuff rabbit
She wanted diamonds
Kenny was angry no one gave a s** about his paintings
He used the hippest ideas, you see

Misty could not go out no more
They put a lock on her door
Benny had diabetes
So he needed his insulin
JooJoo's neck was aching
She's been watching too many videos on the ukulele (it's true!)

You don't see sunlight
Your eyes have mud and lies
You don't see moonlight
You're shrouded in your self-pity
So open the windows and let the light in!
Let the moon, the stars, the crying, the laughing, the cat
the smoke, the traffic, the singing, the flies, the air,
the night and the light in...

Let the light in!
Let the light in!
Let the light in!
Let the light in!

(i was trying to shake loose my finger muscles at the start...hahaha)
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Joo, I did it! I kinda learned a Zevon song that Ron Sexsmith covered. My apologies to anyone involved in any production of this wonderful work. I’ll do better next time. It’s a great song, though …

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Good morning from a still morning in Singapore!
Hope everyone is enjoying learning songs for Kev and catching up on the wonderful songs that have been posted here!
I didn't do a "wrap up with the day's comments" post last night because there were not many to comment on, plus I fell asleep while listening to the playlist!

When most of us were trying to find songs to bring for Kev, Robert, or Rob (ukukeguy) posted a fine cover of Kirsty MacColl's They Don't Know, which Ron had covered while wearing a wig and I think pink feather boa, from my memory. Ron seems to love his pink feather boa. I notice him wearing it whenever he covered Elton John, and it also graced the cover of his 2020 album, Hermitage, which shows Ron wearing it while mowing the lawn. (That was a superb album in my opinion. Fantastic arrangement, beautiful songs)

Thanks, Robert! I enjoyed your performance immensely!

I posted an original that I wanted to try with an open D tuning on my baritone uke. And it actually fits 606 too so I have shared that there as well. First time doing this, feels like I might be making progress in my "shameless self promotion" department!

Then, this morning, I was so delighted to find Rick's (hendulele) cover of Seminole Bingo, a Warren Zevon song which Ron had covered.
Thanks so much, Rick! So good to see and hear you here!

We have about 11 hours till the end of the season. Still plenty of time to record something. I don't think there will be another Ron Sexsmith season for a while, so pick up your uke and play something by Ron or what he has covered!

See you later!
Thanks Ralf and Sabine for your songs!

Here are today's comments on the last 2 entries:

THeOnlyUkeThatMatters - Words We Never Use (Ron Sexsmith)

One of my early favourites of his. Still is. Love the strumming and the way you subtly embellished the chords. This is a truly outstanding cover. Thank you so much, Ralf!

Ms Bean - Comrades Fill No Glass For Me ( Stephen Foster)
(Ron has covered this, didn't know that until Sabine covered this.)
Today I learn a new genre of American music - Temperance songs. Well chosen song for this Season, Sabine. I hope all detox clinics can have an ukulele club, and this will make a great song to learn and play, over and over again! I teared up watching you perform this. Thank you very much for bringing us this wonderful song!


A big thank you to everyone who participated this week!

I hope that each and every one of you had enjoyed playing and singing the songs you did. I have enjoyed your entries very much. It is nice to know that some of you started appreciating Ron Sexsmith's songs more. And for those of you who have never heard of him before this week, it is nice to know you have discovered a songwriter whose songs touch you with their lyrics and melodies.

And to those of you who brought songs that Mr Sexsmith has covered, isn't it heartwarming to know that we might have our differences, there are still some songs that reach us the same? Hopefully we can all learn to be more open, kinder and tolerant of each other.

I said I was gonna pick a favourite ("winner"), and make a portrait for him or her.
Well, I end up with 3 favourites. They are :

1. One Man And His Uke - John loves Ron Sexsmith's songs. John covers Ron's songs beautifully. He brought us 5 fantastic, and very moving covers. His pajama-clad version of Gold In Them Hills is really beautiful. Actually, all his entries are lovely. Thank you John!
(Looking forward to your cover of When Our Love Was New, John! Please lemme know beforehand, so I can send a few boxes of tissue papers to you! And I will have some ready for myself too. :--))

2. ukukeguy - Robert is another RS fan. I didn't know that before this week. It has been so lovely to have him join us this week, bringing wonderful covers of Ron's songs and what Ron has covered, also sharing what he knows about Ron, since he was friends with him on social media. Thank you Robert! ( your cover of Nick Lowe's Where's My Everything? is one of the loveliest things I have watched on YouTube!)

3. LimousinLil - Val really got into Ron's songs this week. She brought us 3 covers, all very different, with one of them co-written with lyricist Don Black. It is lovely to see how Val enjoys playing songs and making videos for the Seasons. I like her spirit, and how she doesn't take herself too seriously. You bring joy to the Seasons, Val. Thank you!

John, Robert and Val, I would love to make a little portrait of each of you, for each of you. Please PM me your addresses. Thanks!

There are some entries that really moved me, but there is one that is quite special to me this week. Chris (hands_on_lanzon) wrote a sweet, lovely original inspired by the week's theme of Optimism despite Darkness. He said he was trying to pick a RS song to learn and to share with his auntie for her husband who is battling cancer, and felt inspired to write his first original. May it be the first of many more, Chris! Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

To end this post, I want to say that I have paid attention to what some of you are saying about 605's narrower theme. I will make it a bit broader when I host a week on prehistoric music.......................I AM ONLY JOKING!!!

Hope everyone is having a nice day or afternoon or evening. See you on Kev's 606!
Ooh, Joo .. that is VERY kind and totally unjustified; thank you so much! I found it a really interesting week because I previously knew next to nothing about Ron and I have now become a fan and will dig deeper into his works ... so thank you so much for that as well! (PREHISTORIC MUSIC!!!! I need to go and find some bones!)
Thank you so much Joo, for hosting and for the lovely prize. It’s true, I do love Ron. One of my favourite singer songwriters in any era. I didn’t think it was a narrow theme at all, Ron’s Rawnboy channel was a great resource. I still haven’t got round to listening to all the entries yet!
Well, that is incredibly fair on Joo's part, as a 'new kid on the block' I hadn't expected to win anything, so I apologise for not paying closer attention. It was just a pleasure to honour someone who deserves a prize himself, Ron Sexsmith, and a hearty congratulations and a deserved win to John and Val.

Well, I don't think this has happened before. But it sure is happening now.

I just watched @AZChris Chris's gorgeous cover of Autumn Light, co-written by Ron Sexsmith, for Season 606, and I really loved it. It is so cool to see him really getting into RS's music! So I would like to make a little portrait of him for him as well.

Chris, please may I have your address also?
Thank you for your wonderful productions you bring to the Seasons.
Your latest offering at SOTU 606 is so sparse and beautiful.
Thanks for hosting SOTU 605, Joo, I personally found it great fun. Apart from @AlanDP's Me and the Man in the Moon my heart isn't in the right place for SOTU 606, so I am going to skip this next one, but I'll leave you with this thought… 😊

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Yes! What we wear is so important, right?

One of my favourite quotes :

"Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes"
-Henry David Thoreau
Yes! What we wear is so important, right?

One of my favourite quotes :

"Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes"
-Henry David Thoreau
Yes, well, apart from appearing naked in "Ecstasy," Hedy Lamarr was an inventor and a very intelligent woman. Apparently she also had a fine taste in bathrobes!
Yes, well, apart from appearing naked in "Ecstasy," Hedy Lamarr was an inventor and a very intelligent woman. Apparently she also had a fine taste in bathrobes!
OK i will make sure to check "Ecstasy" out!!! :p
Just received this notice:

Well today is the day!
Tickets to 'Sexsmith At Sixty' are now available!
It would mean the world to me to see you all there, and though it's not a birthday party, my sixtieth birthday wish is to fill Massey Hall and sing for you all.
Check out
for tickets, info, and to sign up to receive personal letters, updates, and news direct from me. - RS
No photo description available.

My prize came this week! Not just one, but four original art works by Joo! The images were drawn from my version of Nick Lowe's Where's My Everything, where I am wearing nightwear, as Rawnboy has frequently done on his YouTube videos. I love the attention to detail, in fact they all have little bits I love in them, especially the little picture of Holly, my little Jack Russell terrier that sadly died during lockdown, and Joo has captured Anne perfectly, particularly her jawline in no.3 (bottom left) which she gets from her dad, although no.4 is slightly more flattering to her. There is even a little bird on the cover of a book Anne is reading which is probably a reference to a voiceover we recently did over some of Joo's artwork. My son is left-handed, like me, and Joo has captured his look of concentration perfectly, too. There is a satiny sheen to no.2 (top right) which really brings the colours to life and even Joo's monogram/signature is cute, too! Thank you so much! ❤️

Joo's website/blog:

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