SOTU 605 - Gold In Them Hills

I am sharing what I painted of @AZChris ....
I hope it has reached him by now, the portrait I mean.
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I did this based on and inspired by his cover of Ron Sexsmith's Autumn Light. This is a special one to me. I was moved by Chris's cover of this song a lot, which he did NOT for my season but the one AFTER. He told me he really liked Ron's songs. Makes me happy to know that he went on to cover this right after a week of Ron Sexsmith songs.

With that I have done my duty as host for this Season. I really enjoyed this week and also making the prizes.
Thank you everyone for their contributions!
Got it yesterday. Thank you so much Joo for this as well as the chop stick drawing! I love your art work. The autumn feel you put into this picture is amazing and beautiful.
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