sotu 607 - wishin' and hopin' / if wishes were willows


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Sep 1, 2012
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Central Coast, NSW, Australia
wishin' and hopin' / if wishes were willows
the songs i'd like you to bring this week are songs that contain (in the lyrics or title) the words wish and/or hope (or derivatives thereof)
newly recorded songs only please
original songs are encouraged
also - lets have a relatively tech free week - so just you and your uke type instrument straight up - no multitracking or audio or video enhancements - that is what i'm hoping for
no song limit
the theme is inspired by this Nancy Leonard song which i fell in love with on first listen

and knew i would have to give a went

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That sounds like a rather sweet theme, Brian, and - since I am ALWAYS, through sheer ignorance, completely "tech free" - it will not be difficult to comply with your wishes!
also - lets have a relatively tech free week - so just you and your uke type instrument straight up - no multitracking or audio or video enhancements - that is what i'm hoping for
See you next week everyone - have fun! 🙂
Well, Brian I hope (and wish) you won't mind me kicking off this fun theme with the "hopeless" side of things ... and with having a bit of fun with this over-the-top woe-is-me ballad from one of the silliest musicals of all time. It doesn't get more wishin' and hopin'

We lost our Aussie icon Olivia Newton-John a year ago, and she rocked everything site ever did, including more than one such musical.

There is no other way to deliver this one than all in.

Yes! As @joo calls them, quick and dirty 😛
here is another quick and dirty cover, and flu-y too.
Running a fever as I recorded this, waiting for the night session at the clinic to start. So instead of lying down I recorded this.
When I saw the theme that was the first song that came to mind.
Only because I was looking at the original video yesterday and laughing at the cartoons, which I made for the song.
This song was written by Singaporean singer/songwriter Kelvin Tan during CB (circuit breaker lockdown) in 2020.
Covid may not be as scary now but I really hope I don't have covid when I'm coughing and sneezing away.
DOES JOO HAVE THE COVID? WATCH THE VIDEO TO FIND OUT. (Aha! making progress at promoting my songs! )

I had the fans on Brian. I was feverish. So the audio has the fan noise. No editing done to remove that. Also....hmm....i hope I don't have booger up my nose ....I had (still have) a running nose.....

a quick and dirty and flu-y cover of I Hope I Don't Get (The Covid) by Kelvin Tan
I played guitalele here.

the thing is, I don't think I play any better without a fever.
EDIT: Doctor's not in for the night session, so I will go and lie down and think of some Hopes and Wishes songs for you, Brian. Thanks for hosting!
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Knock knock!
"Who's there?"
"Terence Trent..."
"Terence Trent who?"
That's showbiz!

Thanks for hosting, Brian! I shot this in B&W and it briefly features a couple of captions to describe the content which hopefully only bends and doesn't break the no technical enhancement rule.
Other than that, one take straight to the mic on my phone!
Despite the joke at Sananda Maitreya's expense, this and Sign Your Name are absolute bangers. And good lord, that boy could sing...

See you next week everyone - have fun! 🙂
Del - hope you can bring something!
I just watched Wim's cover of an U2 song and it sounded soooo raw and beautiful. He has been heavy on his bass side of sound, and he always has some reverb, and it was such a great sound hearing the uke and his voice naked here. Very beautiful.
Hello, Brian ... and thanks for hosting! Since you have deprived me of my only recently discovered reverb, I have retaliated by putting up some very silly captions! And Bobby, this is for you ... YOU DIDN'T KNOW DID YOU? (Actually, this is the first pop song that ever registered with me, I think it must have been the repetition of "Bobby" ... I was very young at the time!)

Thanks for hosting Brian, and the plain & simple request suits me fine. Also, I wish I was a wild west hero...

am i not getting the joke?
you guys won't record a straight to camera song?
I can, and I have quite recently. But, as you may have noticed, it’s not the way I routinely like to work, Jon. I want my music to sound as good as it possibly can, and what I can add in other ways compensates for my limited ukulele abilities. No big deal. I’ll be back next week hopefully - if the theme appeals. Have fun! :)
Edit: Oh, and both Brian @UkeFoote and I often play and sing live and no frills and straight to camera at the Saturday Zoom open mic meets. Horses for courses and all that. And as you know, Brian Fergus is an awesome musician. :)
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I probably wont have time to record anything anyway, but I am not sure how audio or video enhancements are defined in this context of this weeks dogma.

My usual videos, back when I had time to make them, mostly appeared pretty straight forward. Me with my ukulele in front of a camera. Usually without multiple tracks (exceptions occurred), without added reverb, without video effects. But audio and video were still recorded on separate devices and aligned afterwards. Is it enhancement to record each thing on the device that gives the best raw results? I did try to use a bit of EQ, but being horrible at it, I kept it low. So much for audio enhancements. I did often use a black and white filter on my camera, is that video enhancement?
Is adding a thumbnail to the video video enhancements? Cropping away the part where the camera is turned on and off?

If you record on a smartphone, it probably has some EQ presents and video enhancement algorithms it applies without you asking. Is using a filter on the smartphone enhancing? Is adding and external mix to a phone or camera enhancing?

My though is probably just that I would be tempted to hide the tech parts that go between the authentic moment of me playing in front of the camera and the moment of the video being ready. To me the line gets so blurry that if it was played low tech, and appears low tech, the recording and editing process is nobodys business. Perhaps I am a rascal 😂.
It can take a lot of tech to make something seem simple and low tech. But if that is the tech you are used to, it can still feel more straight forward than coming up with another setup that is overall simpler.
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