sotu 607 - wishin' and hopin' / if wishes were willows

I am a librarian at an all-girls primary school library.
It is a pretty neat library with lots of cool books.
The most enjoyable part of my job is chatting with students about anything from pet grasshoppers to the Infinity Cube to K-Pop and Taylor Swift, or super cute stationery.

The least enjoyable part is to chase students for their overdue books.
(Many of the girls have the overdue books packed in their bag, I am guessing by an adult. Their bag is usually cramped with heaps of textbooks and other things that they don't even remember to take out the library books to return.)

I Want My Library Books Back!

I want your overdue library books back
I want your overdue library books back
Please don't keep them in your bags and then forget!

I wished you hadn't torn off the cover page
I wished you hadn't folded the page where you last read
This book is not just for you alone, Miss Brat!

I've seen you with one of those mind-boggling devices
I've seen you with your fancy, cutesy little note pads
My library book is not your personal sketching pad!

So please treat our library books with care and respect
Please don't chuck them in your bag and then forget
I hope you will return all your overdue library books today!
I hope you will return all your overdue library books today!
I hope you will return all your overdue library books today!!!!!!

(I will play this at the eating area in the school...from a huge TV screen)
EDIT : The school had actually screened a video of me playing the uke and asking for overdue books back, in the past. I didn't do any reprimanding in that one. It did catch the girls' attention and we had lots of books returned. I think this one might be tricky because of the words "Miss Brat". Anyway, it was a fun little project to do for the theme. )

Maybe this would help Joo. What do you think?

library book hostage.jpg
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Happy Saturday! (maybe Friday night for some of you....)
a silly one!
Thanks for hosting Brian.
(words in the YouTube description)
sorry to be posting another video right after my previous one.....
This is dedicated to Rob (wee_ginga_yin), from Val (LimousinLil) and I.
Val wrote the lyrics. I sang it out just now.

Mr McTavish,
Your kilt is so lavish,
it's swirling about around your knees.
i wish you would lift it ~

to answer the question of old.

Rob in kilt.jpg
here is a song I just found called DEAR ALCOHOL by Dax.
I dedicate this to someone I know who has been struggling with alcoholism for a long time...

Lyrics here :
I got wasted 'cause I didn't wanna deal with myself tonight
My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright
And I keep drinkin' 'til I'm someone I don't recognize
I got wasted

Repeat the cycle every day, I gotta start with a drink
My life been getting sorta crazy and I don't wanna think
I look myself right in the mirror and I don't even blink
Then I get angry, take the rest and pour it right in the sink
I know where this road goes
Alcohol ain't my friend, but I keep drinkin' 'cause these demons roam
And follow me 'round everywhere I go
It clouds my mind and soul, it turns my heart cold
But I keep drinkin' 'cause it makes me feel like I'm not alone
I'm havin' problems, my pride won't let me reach out
Lookin' at this bottle, havin' nothin' but doubt
Don't wanna drink, but it keeps comin' around and around and around

I know I need to quit (I need to quit)I
gotta do better (I gotta do better)
Example to these kids (Example to these kids)
'Cause they watchin' when I'm in there, but I'm scared
'Cause I've been chasin' the man that I am when I start to drink
He's cocky, confident and he don't give a damn what you think
This world is beatin' me down, it has pushed me right to the brink
I take a shot every time because man it helps me escape
I'm takin' care of these people, but no one takes care of me
I wanna talk to somebody, but I feel no one relates
I need better now, I think I've lost my way
I'm havin' battles with faith, it's painted right on my face
I hope better times are comin', no chase but I'm still runnin'
I gotta take control, and I won't stop for nothin'
Dear God, this is my test, promise that I'll do my best
Just help me with this pain I feel and pressure that is on my chest

I got wasted 'cause I didn't wanna deal with myself tonight
My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright
I keep drinkin' 'til I'm someone I don't recognize
I got wasted

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Glad to be back after a month of Covid.

I heard this new song on the radio ina store and thought it sounded good. Looked it up and not only is it not new (Came out in 2015; I don’t listen to the radio much) it also isn’t about what I thought it was. But oh well, I still like it.

It fits here because of the line “I wish that I could go back in time”.

I cannot tell you the number of “new” songs I hear that I later find out are at least seven years old. 🙄 Makes me feel old.
I also wrote a song (Or a stub of one? But it feels at least sort of finished). Anyway. I’m afraid it’s sort of sentimental. And maybe needs another (middle) verse to be really complete. But I’ve been waiting since Tuesday for a middle verse, and it isn’t coming, so here you are.

I do want to say thank you to all the Seasonistas who have posted original songs. I find them truly inspiring and would probably not have managed even this bit of a song if it weren’t for the Seasons.
I was at a small local ukulele festival thing yesterday (Saturday), and one group played that well-known cheery Beatles song about a serial killer, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer". It meets both current themes, so I did a quickie after returning from today's (Sunday) post-fest jam. I think the after-dark spooky look suits this song.

In verse 2, Maxwell's teacher is "wishing to avoid an unpleasant sce-e-e-ene".
Spoiler alert: Her wish is not granted.

I searched all of the songs I knew until I finally realised that one of my favourite songs has both Hope and Wish in =) This song always feels so soft and nice to me, especially the original. The story behind it is one of the bands other members wrote it about his future child, but he felt like he couldn't do it justice if he sang it himself, so he asked the main singer to do it for him.
It's not like I try to break the rules, it just sort of happens.
no rules just a host's request
you were far more successful with your flames than poor old beaker - i guess his flames were less tech

and those two grumpy old fellas at the end are pretty relevant also
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