sotu 607 - wishin' and hopin' / if wishes were willows

I have had long Covid for over a year now which put me on a heart ward for a week last September, which would have been longer but I had to discharge myself, otherwise there would be no-one to look after my son! This place can be a very welcome distraction from that yet at other times you wish some of the people on here would count their blessings and learn to get on, then it starts to feel more of a chore than a pleasure, and an unnecessary one at that. I could just stop contributing to the Seasons but there are several people on there I feel like I have already connected with, and it would be a shame to lose that.
Very well said, sir! I often find myself wishing I’d had next door neighbors who were half as patient, welcoming and fun as the UUF folk I’ve come to count as friends during the past 15 months. Please, let’s all just get over ourselves and maintain this forum as a safe and welcome respite from the cruel, crazy, hectic and judgmental real world.
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